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    Default Greetings!

    What up, people?

    I've been browsing for a while and this site has really helped me come to terms with my DL tendencies. Decided it's finally time I make an account so I can join the community.

    As for hobbies I suppose I do a fair bit of the music thing and I'm just starting to get into drawing; mostly psychedelic and anime stuff. I'm also quite a believer of the "live and let live" philosophy, largely because as a diaper lover I have little room to make judgments on other peoples lifestyles that I consider weird.

    I also enjoy writing; expect long and drawn out posts that have an abundance of unnecessarily information and words that are, hopefully, pleasing to read.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope that you enjoy your time here and also our supportive community we have here. Peace and Love

    And BTW, we enjoy long and drawn out posts!

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    Welcome to the forums young man. If you have any questions or concerns don't even hesitate to talk to one our friendly mods on the site.

    Also, I like your belief in "live and let live" that is a good statement to live by.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

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    see my version of that would be
    live and let live as long as there not hurting anyone
    because you know..
    not eveyrone plays by the same motto
    welcome to the site

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    Live and let live, to me, implies the other person is letting live in a strict sense. Yanowatimsayin?

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