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Thread: ADISC is Enhancing my Experience

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    The last two (2) days I started sleeping with a pacifier at night and even have it in my mouth while wearing a maximum protection diaper under my clothes for the day and of course type this thread.

    I never thought of using one before becoming involved in expressing my experiences here on this site. Of course this is the only site I am a member and have not gone beyond this site.

    I kind of want to thank everyone on this site for sharing their experiences as it is allowing me to see the larger picture and the different options. Mostly thanks for making me feel normal.

    I have never through of actually "shopping" for diapers as I always got the same brand and type. Never pictured myself with a baby pacifier in my mouth (which I still do not it is just very comforting experience) or wearing non-pull ups during the day and now I am just making it a true part of my life.

    Thank you all for sharing your stories and allowing me to be part of your experience, too.

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    Your welcome! :] but I'm sure I havent shared much of my experiences with you. :[

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    That good that you are haveing a good time here. Im sure you will injoy it here for a long time.

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