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Thread: Moderators who abuse powers

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    Default Moderators who abuse powers

    Anyone ever experienced where you were on a forum where a mod would abuse their powers like if you had a different view point than others, you would get threatened to be banned or other stuff?

    Just recently I got a moderator fired because she had been abusing her powers. Changing passwords and emails as a silent ban and plus the worse she ever did was delete my account and my husband's and my old one. I caught her and made the forum owner be aware of it. I found out I wasn't alone in this because I was informed by someone recently many stepped forward and told him once they saw me stepping forward. I am sure his inbox was being filled with evidence about this mod because I heard two people have PMed him the evidence. Plus I invited back old members who were unfairly banned they say and had them tell their story while all the mods had been demodded for temporarily. It was the best weekend ever and watching the mod getting her butt kicked but sadly attacks broke out to the mods and the members were banned because they broke lot of rules and plus they already have accounts and the rules state you are only allowed one unless the owner of the place approves of your new account. Then she admitted it to him she did it and she was banned for a few hours and then unbanned but she did not get her job back. Since then she hasn't made a post under her account. But she admitted it in her sig and then took it out. Plus she was supposedly removing threads illegally there. There were other things wrong with her like she go around gunning her members and harassing them but yet could put on a sweet and nice attitude and be helpful and supportive and she be nice to some people there but if you said one thing to her she didn't like, bam you get the new her and she be nasty with you but it depended on what you disagree with her about. The owner was pretty mad at her for deleting my accounts and my husband's because it messes up the place. I was surprised she admitted it to him. I didn't think she would. I am sure she has deleted other accounts in the past because a few people there said they noticed missing accounts and posts and threads.

    Some folks here would know which forum I am speaking of since we happen to go to the same place.
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    your still pretty excited about the whole thing arnt you? lol

    I wasnt very excited about the whole thing, because of the fighting that erupted, and the nasty things that some trolls said to members elsewere in the forum.
    I felt sort of bad because I felt like I helped start it, being persistent thinking that it was just a error that needed fixed.

    Oh well, I guess it is over with, and I learned one thing, when a board goes un-moderated for a couple days, aspies (and everyone in general) seem to be unable to moderate themselfs, and it is like a magnet for trolls.

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    Yes I am. My obsessive thinking. I am enjoying my fame as it lasts until I get over my obsession. No don't feel bad, you helped out by bringing awareness that my account and posts were missing and my threads like I had never even existed. Then I decided to speak up and fear no ban since my account was meant to be temporary. Then I was wondering why I wasn't being silenced and why the thread was going until the owner said he demodded most of his mods. Then I went around to the other forums telling the former members to come back and speak their minds by telling their story. I figured the more who tell their story, the owner will finally listen. Not everyone came back of course. A few people have told me I was brave.

    None of them were trolls, they were just former members who were banned unfairly in the first place. Only one of them trolled but he was a troll in the first place before the silent ban took place and then he was username banned. He decided to troll during the no mods. I know who that person was because we're friends. I didn't like the idea what he wanted to do but he did it anyway.

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    I just skipped that large paragraph and came right down here to Quick Reply Land. So you know.

    Peach iz da worstestz of dem all. Adminge. RAWR D8


    But since this is the mature topics forum I better say something serious: I havent' had any problems with the mods.

    Thought complete.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If anything, the mods don't use their powers enough.

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    Power does strange things to people!
    And power in the form of being a moderator on a forum is especially comical! It's funny how people can even abuse something as insignificant as that.

    I guess you see people like her everywhere... over jealous non-police officers, members of councils...

    Just be glad that no mods here are like that.
    *Shifty eyes*

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    Most of the mods on the forums I'm on use their powers fairly. The worst thing I see is simply people bitching because the mods actually speak their mind from time to time. I guess some people on that particular message board assume that the mods are supposed to be seen and not heard.

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    Trivial mod abuse is always comical e.g. altering post counts/join dates/user titles for fun. Their should be more of this.

    About ADISCs mods specifically most times I'm left wondering whether some of 'em realize they have moderator powers to abuse at all.

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    Luckily I haven't; I actually have quite a bit of experience as a mod...

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    I have never been anywhere else where powers were abused by the mods, only at the other place where the event took place. But I have been to another forum and people didn't like the owner and few have claimed he abuses his powers but I never saw it.

    I don't think any mods here do this. I haven't seen it or heard of it. But I do go to Nsider2 forum and threads are always being locked for no reason.

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