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Thread: Can't wait. Advice needed.

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    Default Can't wait. Advice needed.

    So I'm ordering some Bambinos and was going to wait to create a PayPal account but now I'm just saying to hell with it. So what I need to know is what exactly will show up on my card statement, just in case my parents get nosey.

    I know there are other threads like this but I couldn't get the answer I need from the threads I saw, any help would be appreciated.

    Also what's the average shipping time for the Bambinos?

    Thank you.

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    I believe they show up the same as they do on paypal as The Bottom Half Group, LLC.

    and they normaly ship very fast.

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    Great, just ordered them, still can't wait though, but I guess I will.

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    no if you use paypal, all that shows up on your bank statment is paypal. but on paypal it will show up what you have brought

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    It will not show what you bought unless you make a note of it on the transaction, the only thing that shows up on my bank statement is pay pal and the dollar amout and a reference number.

    I use pay pal a few times a week for the car parts I sell on the net, and when I buy something useing the PP acount.

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    yea i know on the bank statememt it shows up as paypal. but if you look at the transaction details on paypal is shows who the payment is going to. ex The Bottom Half Group, LLC. which is what will show up on the statement if you use a credit/debit card

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