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    My name is Ryan, I'm 48 and I live in Kent UK. I work as cabin crew for a British Airline. I'm not really into sport - I try and keep fit by cycling, walking and simple weight training at home. I like all types of music from Vivaldi to the Pet Shop Boy's !!. I'm trying to learn the piano but not doing too well.

    I like to wear diaper/nappies whenever I can which is most of the time when I'm at home or away.Where this delight in wearing diapers came from I'm not sure but its something Ive done since early teens. I have vivid memories of my mother making, what would be called Pull Ups now, for my youngest Brother who did wet the bed until he was about 8yrs. She had made them out of terry nappies sewn into plastic pants. I was attracted to the look and feel of them - I snitched a pair and wore them whenever I could and from this time its been part of my life.

    I've rarely been able to share my interests with other people. Obviously the internet had been a great help and although Ive visited other AB/DL sites and occasionally chatted to people, they have only really been dating sites. I discovered ADISC recently and I like the way it is run and the topics raised and of course it's members !!.

    My job takes me a way a lot and spend nights in hotel room all over the place so my diapers are a great comfort.


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    Hello and welcome to ADISC, I hope you enjoy your time here

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    Hello Ryan,
    I hope you enjoy your stay here and find it as rewarding a place as many of us.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you enjoy your time here as well as our supportive community we have here. Peace and Love

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    Hey welcome. It's so cool that there's so many of us from the uk on here. I love cycling too although I do more of the extreme kind of mountain biking but I still do some cross country to keep fit. There's some great cycling in Kent, I've been there a few times. Do you ride on or off road?

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    Default Thanks to all

    Thanks for the welcome messages.

    Coyote0024 - I live on a farm so my cycling is a mixture of road and farm track riding- best of boh worlds really. Really enjoying this site.

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