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Thread: Best Fursuit Ever???

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    Default Best Fursuit Ever???

    So I am not a furry at heart, but I think the idea is pretty awesome. The other thread about posting members' fursuits got me curious. What is the coolest fursuit you've ever seen? Does realism matter? Post some pics!

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    In the words of Peter Griffin, "That is freakin' sweet!" Best I've seen too.

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    Jager's fursuit is one of the best in my opinion. I see more people taking pictures with him than any other. I took one with him during my last trip. The second most popular (and by far the most awesome) is Damaron's suit. Just the way it reacts to body movement, and the way it captures facial expressions make it look ultra-realistic. Its hard to believe there's a person inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inukaza View Post
    epic friggin win!!!1!

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    These aren't really a fursuit, just a bottom half, but I absolutely LOVE them. She has been able to pull off digitigrade legs without adding any height. And the hooves are awesome.

    Here's another quadsuit, like the wolf above, but in my opinion, a little bit better executed. It looks absolutely real and the gait is very natural.

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    I recall a demo video of somebody working on mechanical werewolf legs. They were worn kind of like high heels. Whatever the case, my favorite fursuit so far is this renaissance-dressed character, even if it's a partial.

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    Holy craP! As EpIC as this is...CuRse YoU Metallocalypse!!! Hate that CLowN! >_<

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