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Thread: Were you raised in a spanking home?

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    Default Were you raised in a spanking home?

    Looking for a general consensus as to how many of you (us) were spanked growing up. I was and because of the fact I carried the tradition forward with my own kids. Nothing serious. No beatings. No whippings. Just a spanking when needed.

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    Why yes, yes I were.

    Don't really have a problem with it as i turned out okay, but that doesn't mean it isn't the only way to discipline your kids.

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    Butterfly Mage


    No. I was raised in a "closed fist punch to the face" home. Occasionally it was a "dragged into the basement and kicked in the ribs" home. But it wasn't a spanking kind of household.

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    I got a good swat on the butt more than once, it didn't hurt me at all, but that swat got your attention and the point across if needed.

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    I was spanked a few times, yes, primarily only in my younger days. I'm sure I was spanked lightly most of the time, since the only pain I remember from it is whenever I was spanked for toilet accidents. Maybe it wasn't super hard, but to little three year old me it felt like they were beating me with sacks of oranges.

    Not something I think I'll do to my own kids, when the time comes.

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    I would say yes and no cause I did get spanked for cussing, doing bad things, but generally that was a rare thing.

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    Yeah, I was spanked a few times when I was younger. I don't remember why, but I remember that just the possibility of it happening made me start crying. But hey, it's what I got for being naughty.

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    Spanking is a good method of discipline for children. It's very effective. It gets them point across but doesn't cause any permanent physical or emotional damage. I had a few, but I'm glad that my parents did spank me.

    If I ever have children, I will turn them over my knee and slap their butts a few times if they misbehave too.

    I was never abused. It was usually 3 or 4 quick whacks on the cheeks, followed by a 5-minute timeout.

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    i was spanked and to me its still part of cubbing out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    i was spanked and to me its still part of cubbing out
    How so? I wouldn't consider spanking to be a part of *Bism. You don't spank babies. Well maybe toddlers are applicable.

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