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    How much can you bench, I am unsatisfied with my current insufficient manliness. I only weigh 120 and can bench only 110.

    I eat the most out of everyone at muh table though in a desperate attempt to not be skinny.

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    I don't bench. I chop wood. Why would I want to lift weights? I'm as big as I'm probably going to get.

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    I'm 195 and lift about 280.
    I believe I just shat my pants. This is the inadequate Manliness I was talking about.

    I don't really care about pure bench, I want to be strong, able to fight, and a big sexy man. As long as I can take most people on, I'm good. And I need MOAR boobs!

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    I don't know whats the big deal with oh I can bench more then you. On that note I don't even bench all I do is ride my bike and swim. Also fighting um whats the point in that, Are ya taking Fight Club to heart or something?

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    Uh, I don't really know, I know it's not very much though because I hate lifting and stuff like that

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    I just want to be able to defend myself, and just in case I get angry....

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    I have no idea how much I can bench, because I have never done it before... But Karate does help if you want to drop someone faster than you can say "go".

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    Macho posturing! I’m glad to say with time those insecurities fade. Learn to accept yourself for what you are and the world will too. It is insecurity not eccentricity that slows others from accepting a person.


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