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    Lightbulb Software Controlled Plastic Pants

    I was thinking earlier on about locking plastic pants, then remembering something I read online (not this site) about wishing they could use their computer to control locking plastic pants key release time etc... So here is my idea: Take an old CD-ROM drive, open it up (I mean unscrew it, just to be sure) and fix the CD tray to be a full tray, with no holes. Remove the drive motor (not eject, just spin up). Close the thing back up, throw it in your machine and write a program that can lock the drive tray closed for a set amount of time (this is what some programs use to avoid execution errors with their programs when running of disc although it can sometimes backfire). After the set amount of time is done, the tray is unlocked and you can hit eject, grab the key and unlock the plastic pants . I'm going to try this little project probably next weekend (or tomorrow if I have time, though probably not) and I have to buy a pair of locking plastic pants!!! What do you think of this idea?

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    It'd probably be easier to just get like a timed lock or something. Probably more reliable too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    It'd probably be easier to just get like a timed lock or something. Probably more reliable too.
    Where would you buy a timed padlock? Because that would be an interesting idea. I'm thinking: If you could make a timed lock, could you also make a lock with a embedded processor and a webserver packed into it. That probably wouldn't be extremely hard, but then again it's wishful thinking. Just look at the iPod touch and similar things. Flash memory, cpu, timer etc... And of course I could try the frozen water trick but, the hot water trick speeds up the defrosting. Thanks for your input.

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