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Thread: Well hi there.

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    Ima try to type this out, even though I'm not sure how to start.

    I'm fauseteer! Friends call me Benny, but either will do. So obviously, I'm new here. It's actually kind of funny what you can find on Google. I've actually been into diapers since 6th grade. I guess that's a DL. But I like doing baby stuff, too.
    I never use to wet the bed way back in the day (like 6-9'ish), so I didn't have any real extra exposure to diapers.I'm not sure what brought it on, but I had been using makeshift supplies to try to make diapers until the 8th grade, when I tried to fake wetting the bed. Initially it worked, with my mom getting Depends for me at night, but then came doctors appointments. I tried to stop, to avoid creating a financial burden, but I ended up giving myself a urinary track infection with my lack of knowledge on how to keep myself clean... Fortunately I got that fixed without revealing my secret.
    In High School, I wore diapers when I could, which became easier when I got a car. When the end of senior year came around, I ended up getting to spend a whole week alone (at a time) during the summer when my parents took a couple trips to a cottage we have in Minnesota. Pretty much anytime my parents were gone for more than a few days, I tried to wear diapers 24/7.
    Now I'm in college, with a roommate, and extremely bored with life. I'm almost in a state of withdrawal.. because HE'S ALWAYS AROUND


    Well anyways, that's my little intro. I also find pleasure in drawing with a brand new tablet that I just got this weekend, so I'm going to start uploading images to deviantart. I like to write, too, so expect stories from me.

    Feel free to ask questions, I suppose.


    forgot to mention that I'm 19 :P
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    GAH! You cheated. You didn't leave me anything to rip on you for. ):<

    Welcome to the ADISC. I wish I was able to draw. Any tips?

    Nice tags, btw.

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    Oh you saw the tags, eh? ^_^

    Success is mine!

    For drawing... I'd say practice... alot. I 'spose. Granted, I'm no where near the best. But i've been drawing for a while.. just not on a tablet.

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    Hey there Benny, my fellow Michigander , welcome to ADISC.

    Your family has a cottage in Minnesota? They do know there are plenty of great places to have a cabin right here in Michigan right? Lol, no that's cool. My family has a cottage in northern Michigan, but I wouldn't mind visiting Minnesota every once in a while. I also wouldn't mind the week or two with diapers and without parents .

    So you write, you draw, what else are you into? This is a pretty cool community here; we like to get to know each other well. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Hmm... well it's true that Michigan IS the capital of America's recession...
    ugh... so true..

    But, yeah, we use to live in minnesota when I was younger, so that's why it's there. But yeah, it's usually like a week at a time during the summer. Epic weeks I had... yep.

    What else, what else, what else.... hmm.....I snowboard? Um... I'm kinda short, um...

    Oh... I also think megan fox is too hot to be human.

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    I do art as well. Yea it sucks your roomie is there all the time. how did you come up with that name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fauseteer View Post
    Hmm... well it's true that Michigan IS the capital of America's recession...
    So I guess Eminem was right!

    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you enjoy your time here and also our supportive community! Peace and Love

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    Welcome and

    Oh never mind I thought I saw your roommate reading this over your shoulder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoo View Post
    how did you come up with that name?
    Well, Fauster is sometimes easily mispronounced as Fauset... and I felt like being a mountaineer. Fauset+eer=fauseteer!

    Thanks for all the welcomes everyone! ^_^

    ZOMG!! =O oh.. whew... it was just a chair behind me. Thanks for the warning tho.

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    I know it's early in your college career, but what do you think you'll major in, and do when you graduate?

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