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Thread: Unique Wellness Briefs closeout on EBAY

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    Default Unique Wellness Briefs closeout on EBAY

    I've been wanting to try the Unique Wellness Briefs (sometimes referred to as 'NASA briefs') for awhile, but they are awfully pricey. Lo and behold I found some on ebay for $30/case! That's less than half what they usually go for! There is a $15 shipping charge, but $45 is still reasonable for 60 premium diapers. The listing says that they have 500 cases that they are clearing out, so if your interested there are plenty to go around.

    UNIQUE WELLNESS ADULT DIAPERS BRIEFS - 60/CASE - SM/MED - eBay (item 200435979681 end time Feb-07-10 10:47:13 PST)

    Has anyone tried these? I've read claims that they rival Abena X Plus and Molicare Super Plus in absorbancy. I am hoping that I am not disappointed. Nothing worse than a case of diapers that you don't want to wear. I suppose that I'll post a review after I've dampened a few...

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    Actually, I'm a bit confused by these. There seem to be two different diapers sold as Unique Wellness Briefs. There are the ones on UniqueBrief dot com that have the diamonds on them. Then there are the ones pictured in the ebay ad above and on Abaip and Mediprime. I ordered some from Mediprime so we'll see which ones they are.

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    Hmm. Haven't seen the ebay link/items yet, but aren't the Abaip diapers supposed to be really good? The name seems familiar...

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    Abaip has shutdown recently :S

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    I just recieved a Wellness brief sample in the mail! I am going to wear it today because I have the day off. From first glance there are obvious pluses and minuses about this diaper. According to the brochure it can hold up to 86 ounces. It is really thick because they don't seem to do the whole vacuum seal thing that other diaper companies do. The down side of this is that they look like the fluff might fall apart (I don't know yet). There is no waistband. The great thing about this diaper is that it is the first adult diaper that smells like the plastic diapers I had as a child. I used to get chills when I smelled the plastic cover on the old diapers. These were my first reminder of that smell in twenty years!

    If anyone cares I will post a review after I, ahem, am 'done' with them. :P

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    They are one of the thickest diapers out there but the fluff can get loose and move around quite a bit. What you have to remember is that they were designed mainly as an institutional diaper for those who are bed ridden or have limited mobility to minimize the number of times a caregiver would have to change them.

    Although they do absorb a lot they are not really ideal for moving around in and once you get the tapes fastened it's impossible to undo them without ripping the plastic.

    I really like them because they are so thick and the plastic has an awesome very soft texture to it but my only complaint was that they tear so easily. What I do to keep that from happening is to apply a couple of pieces of packing tape to each of the "wings" as a make shift landing strip for the tapes. It works really well and allows you to refasten the tapes a few times before the tapes lose their sticky.

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    I just took some photos of the Wellness brief and will be posting a review in a separate thread.

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    I have tried some samples in the past. As I remember they are a pretty good diaper. I may have to order a case on e-bay.

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    they look to be the real unique wellness briefs from the main company

    Ultra Dry Diaper and Brief: Driest Adult Diapers and Briefs

    I have used them in the past and yea, they hold a HELL of alot, wet and mess. And i havent had a problem with leaks. but the one shot try on the tapes is always a danger of ruining the diaper.

    so i would give them a 4/5 Diaper raiting

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    Just curious, does anyone know of the diapers that are basically like the Euro ID Slips? There's another website (I can't post links) but it's www dot uniquebrief dot com ... are those the same? They use a lot of the same language for description.

    Also, how do these compare to the EuroBriefs that Mediprime is selling?

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