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    Well, curiosity has finally gotten the better of me, and as such, I've finally decided to give cloth diapers a whirl.

    Now, the diapers themselves aren't the problem, I've been able to fold myself some pretty good ones from the various terry towels that I have around the house. My problem comes from, however, my lack of plastic pants, or a method of procuring ones that fit, rather.

    Normally, I would just head over to my good friend, the Internet, and ask him to kindly send a pair or two my way. This is not the case, lacking immediate funding for such an endeavor, as well as a means to order them (I should really get around to setting up a bank account and charge card, eh?), I figure I would try my hand at some improvisation.

    I mean, that works in theater, why not for diapers?

    In all seriousness, my lack of experience with this sort of thing is matched only by my lack of ideas as how to go about making some impromptu, doable plastic pants.

    If the above was too long, or you didn't read it: I'm trying my hand with cloth diapers and I need some tips on making impromptu plastic pants.

    If anyone has some experience, advice to offer regarding this, it'd be greatly appreciated

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    simplist way. Take a black bin bag, make two holes in the bottom, stick legs through. Make the holes smaller then your legs and they tear to the right size. Worked for me when I was 14.... :X

    better way, get some undies, cut out the elastic, and use that for the waist/legs.

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    Ive used a garbage bag before just poke 2 holes in for legs then pull it up stretching the holes as u go. Just make sure the holes arnt to tight when u get them up and then just make sure the diaper is all tucked in when you are done.

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    I made my first pair from an old shower curtian and the elastics from a pair of "tighty whites". It took a few tries to get them cut out right and sealed up with a flat iron.

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    Yeah I'm sure the garbage bag idea would work fine. Worked when I made huge cloth diapers from every towel I could find in the house.

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    So, the general consensus is a garbage bag, eh? Thanks for your advice, everyone, hopefully this will work!

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    Garbage bags do work charms, and I used this before I could buy disposable diapers. They are noisy to the extremes though.

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