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Thread: Zombie Apocalypse: Your Weapon of Choice?

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    Default Zombie Apocalypse: Your Weapon of Choice?

    no dout there has been a similar thead of this befor but what would be your wepon of choise? (those who say chainsaws will loose the game)

    personally i would have a metal dish rack, unfortunetly there isn't any sharp edges but im hoping the spectiacl of beating one down will be seen and put in an upincoming movie or game if the situation were to be sorted out


    rule effective from my second post in this thred

    you are only now alowed to have 1 weapon and it can only be sorsed if you can get hold of it near by in you home. also shotgun has been added to the loosing list.

    rule effective from my third post in this thred

    katana has been added to losing list

    rule effective from 5th post

    crobar, baceball/kricket bat has been added to the losing list

    rule effective of 6th post

    your not alowed to leave the street your in, it has to be defended
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suspence View Post
    I've seen that episode twice, and it still has my jaw dropped. Way too epic. I'd go with any type of sleek sword to hack off limbs and heads... preferably heads.

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    Double-barrel shotgun. Several reasons:

    1) Less mechanical parts requires less maintenance; pump-action shotguns run the risk for time-consuming jams and breakdown of mechanical parts.

    2) I'd choose half-load shells -- shells that contain buckshot, but are only half the length of normal shotgun shells -- to increase carrying space and still give me the stopping power needed to blast a zombie's skull like a canteloupe. "But Dawes," someone might say, "wouldn't you be compromising power for carrying space?" Of course, but having a shotgun doesn't mean you can wave it around willy-nilly and hope to hit. You still have to aim, and if you aim right, you could have turds in the barrel and it'll still blow some brains out their head.

    3) Ease of use. Give an idiot a pump-action shotgun and watch him try to use it. If my gun goes flying out of my hands and a fellow survivor is nearby who hasn't had much knowledge on how to use guns, a double-barrel is point-and-click. You'd be surprised at how long it can take someone to learn how to rack and use a pump-action.

    4) I can reload a double-barrel shotgun faster than most average people. Having been a member of the S.A.S.S. for some time and having used double-barrel shotguns for cowboy competition shooting, I've got some speed. I can double-knuckle shells during loading and reload with accessible ammo off my person in just a little longer than it takes a person to rack a single shell in a pump-action.

    5) The ammunition can be modified depending on need (birdshot, buckshot, you name it) and availability. I'm sure you could find various uses for different denominations.

    6) The butt can be used (and even removed from the main piece) to be an effective bludgeoning weapon. Depending on the type of infection, I wouldn't want too much blood-spray in close, closer quarters -- I'd rather have the shotgun work as a bludgeoning weapon in tight scenarios than ever resort to a slashing or stabbing weapon.

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    I'd have to go for the boomstick as well. And maybe a chainsaw.

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    I'd take 2 9mm pistals, 1 m-16 with scope and red dot site, .308 bolt action rifle. And my machete, Combat knife, and my bow and arrows. I'd also chose a Dirtbike/sidecar combo for movement.

    That reminds me I need to go through the process of getting my .308 rifle.

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    2x 9mm pistols
    1x S&W M500 (if extra firepower is needed)
    1x M1 carbine or maybe an M4 Carbine
    1x machete
    1x survival knife
    1x Crowbar
    2x trench knives
    Assorted things that go boom

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    S&W M500 Handcannon Magnum.
    Zombies, ever heard of Lucky Luke? *reload barrel*

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