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    Default Ideas for a day out

    Kiba and I will be spending a day or 2 out and about in a couple weeks, I need some ideas for abdl fun, I'm trying to break him out of his modesty shell, any good ones?

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    Do you have anything in common? like do you both like certian kinds of movies or museums? or is there someplace nearby that you can just hangout for the day and get to know each other like a big mall.

    I would meet as early as you can and just see what developes, play it by ear aand see how it go's....Hope you have fun.

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    A lot of it will be playing by ear, it's never to Late to back out if it's just not working.

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    I personally enjoy being outdoors and being away from the urban areas during the summer as I spend 6 months cooped up inside because its too damn cold to be outside. Maybe hitting the back trails would be fun or depending on how much cash you have on hand.. a day at a shopping mall might be fun.

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    Lots of layers and a diaper go well together, personaly I like wearing lots of layers and diapers, but I always wear plastic pants over my diapers just incase I do have a leak getting wet in all those layers is no fun at all.

    So go out and enjoy the great outdoors, but do it diapered it is much more fun that way.

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