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    I didn't think I would get so many negative rep points because of my previous introduction. So I guess I apologize. I plan to become an active member of this site. Not a "lurker" or "creep." So here's the re-introduction of myself as opposed to my previous lackluster introduction. I'm a normal teenage guy. I wear diapers every now and then. I play guitar, run, and play videogames. I'd rather hang out with a few close friends then a bunch of people who I am not very familiar with. Well hopefully I've somewhat redeemed myself and won't get so many negative rep points. No, I am not doing this in vain...I simply want to contribute to the site. Anyway, take care everyone.


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    Your negative reputation resulted mostly from spamming the forum with requests for AIM addresses, if I remember correctly. It's like opening all doors in your school and shouting "I want all your phone numbers" into each room. Somewhat annoying.

    Anyway, I'm glad you got the message the negative reputation points were supposed to convey and wish to become more active and a proper member. Let's leave the past behind us and just start over.

    So welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay!


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    Hey there, welcome to the community. We're mostly just DL and *B folk, with other interests besides. You'll fit in somewhere I'm sure. Just converse in threads or in the chat rooms and find out about the rest of us. Then maybe you'll have some people to converse with more privately. But give it time, I think most of us are a bit jumpy when invited by a stranger. (so don't be a stranger)

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    Reconciliation is always a good thing, and it shows courage to do this.

    Just remember that you don't "need" to contribute anything, even just being nice and popping in every so often is not looked down upon.

    So with that said, welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your time here.

    By the way, don't worry about your reputation. Believe me, unlike some other colourful names, you have realised that the other introduction was a bit of a backfire, and you have apologised for this, and as I said earlier, it takes guts to do this.

    I can really see potential here, and I think that you will lose your black mark quickly if you post constructive, helpful, funny, or just plain nice things.

    Finishing this rant, welcome.

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    well i missed your BLACK MARK altogether so youve got nothing to worry about from me

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    Welcome to the site.

    Glad to see you've learned some manners.

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    Yes, welcome. I find I fit in here, more than most other places, despite disobeying many social norms, such as being wordy and pedantic, and not establishing personal contact (aim, messenger, email, skype) with a few select persons or within a clique. So I expect you will find that over time, this will feel more and more like home. We are generally a forgiving group, inclined to overlook brief or early breaches of etiquette. I could mention others who have hung in, with a nasty red cloud over their heads, who earned respect and/or popularity - or at least acceptance - eventually. ("Eventually" still being a matter of a few months.)

    Just persist, stay active, and you'll do just fine.

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    Ha wow. You guys take this stuff seriously. "Online Etiquette" almost seems like an oxymoronic statement this day in age. Most people simply use it to say stuff they know they wouldn't say to a person's face. Anyway. glad you guys forgive me. All's well that ends well right?


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    Quote Originally Posted by bomb2silence View Post
    All's well that ends well right?
    That is indeed correct.

    Why we take the reputation and "online etiquette" so seriously depends on who you ask.

    For me, reputation points helps me define who the legitimate people are , and the people you should stay away from. Again, how you define "legitimate" depends on who you ask.

    You were given the bad reputation because at the time it seemed that you didn't have any real interest in the site at all, besides from the fact that you wanted to gain full access and other members personal details.

    I will say this now, full access (or VIP access) is not given, it is earned.

    There is no limit to how may reputation points you can earn, but you need at least 10 to gain full VIP access.

    But please don't feel threatened by the apparent seriousness of this site and it's reputation system. We (well, most of us) are all fun, easy-going people, we will always be there to help with any situation, but we won't tolerate those who come here only to ruin it for the rest of us.

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