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Thread: Any one else get friends requests from fake people aka trolls

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    Default Any one else get friends requests from fake people aka trolls

    Just checking to see if any one has had this happen...I sincerely doubt I'm the only one...twice in a couple days I have been contacted on yahoo messenger...two friends request both from females one was claiming to be local the other out of state...both found me on a abdl site...and similar conversations ensued...small chat...abdl questions back and forth and then one sent me a link because all of a sudden she wanted to chat via a private webcam...the other supposedly wanted me to view her abdl mommy videos on a site she is part of...I was suspicious but still curious. Was told by both that to join was free...both of the sites were porno/dating sites..and you needed a cc to join...digging further I was able to discover that to join was free but you had to complete to partner offers with in 48 hours or your card will start being charged...both of them seemed to miss half of what you were if they were trying to hook 50 other guys at the same time and you could say something and two minutes later they come back "are you on yet" let me know when you are on so I can point you in the right direction...I had one who went as far as to call me a liar and that I really didn't want to be friends because I truthfully told her my ex wife had my debit card for a couple days... Its like this is a job for them trolling on line looking for guys with kinks or large sex drives hook them in by pretending to want to be friends...oh and both were extremely hot too anyone ever have this happen or anything similar?

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    I might have, but if I don't know them and they mention ABDL info I ask how they know me first. If I still can't figure it out then I block them.

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    It isn't trolling, that would be someone coming on here and starting a fight or genrally messing with people in a way intended to hurt or annoy someone. What this is some people trying aggressively to get people to join their site, which isn't much better. As for this happening before, this is the first I've heard of it.

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    It's fun messing with those people. Same for telemarketers. Don't be huntED by them, be the huntER

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    Wow you get REAL people talking to you? I only get spambots that have auto responses.

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    If they want you to go look at their movies, they really just want to take you for a ride and make some money off of you. Stay away, it's not worth it!!!!! Same way if they want to role play with you online. Just not worth the time or effort.

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    mostly on diaperspace I get fake requests just like the real myspace, funny though facebook don't seem to have the same problem,

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    Nothing on here yet but it's pretty common on a few of the other communities I frequent. The big give away for me is when they say how the looked at my profile. There is generally next to nothing in my online profiles.

    I would not call them "trolls" though. They are usually Nigerian scammers.

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    I like the ones where you get long messages about looking forward to meeting you and it seems fake

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    Butterfly Mage


    I get fake requests on Live Messenger too. Fortunately, all I have to do us click the profile link. Usually it reads some garbage like "I'm 20, gorgeous and hot. I'm looking for someone to talk to!" Ha ha ha! As if someone who was 20, gorgeous, and hot would have to resort to anonymous Internet chats with complete strangers just to strike up a conversation.

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