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    Default Hello From Michael

    I've been coming to this site for a while now. I guess you could call me a lurker. I thought it was time to introduce myself.
    My name is Michael and I live in southern Indiana. I like playing with my computers. I have four of them all networked. I do a little work for an independent network service in my home town.

    Saying hello to everyone.

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    Matrix Blade


    Welcome to the site. Post around some and have fun here.

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    Welcome to our community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

    Please feel free to post whenver you would like and to ask any qeustions, advice, or support that you might need.

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    Welcome, hope that this one start will keep you going.

    Enjoy and don't forget to post.

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    Yay, more techies!! A new chapter begins of "The Lurker Who Came In From The Cold." Put your feet up, grab a large drink, nestle your lap-built keyboard, and plunge right on in. (Protected from leg-leaks, of course.) *huggles the new Indianian*

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