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    Default Hey All!

    I have been a submissive for as long as I can remember! About a year and a half ago I meet my first Goddess/Owner "MissMB" and she took me on as a pet.

    She likes to dress me in womans clothes and put me in diapers. I've always kinda had a thing for wearing dresses in private but I had never really thought about wearing diapers. It turns out I love it!

    The feeling of her having the control of a mother to punish me or reward me is amazing!

    She recently started making me film some of our playtimes and selling the videos on clips4sale. This is something I could never had seen myself doing two years ago, but is incredible how much power she has over me now and it winds up adding to the excitment of it.
    (btw, I will not use this forum to try and promote the site)

    I found this site while researching the interests of others and thought I might have some things to add now and then.

    I am looking forward to learning more from others and hope I can contribute once and a while

    Pet Tim

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    Interesting, but it would also be nice to know a little about what other interests you have. Are you a bookworm, computer geek, sporting enthusiast? You are more likely to make more friends if people can see you have a life other than just the interest you've mentioned. Hope you have lots of fun and make lots of new friends.

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    Thanks for the advice,
    I work as a Mechanic during the day and play bass in a band, as well as my life as a sub.

    Kinda always been a punk rocker.

    Spent a few years doing a cable access tv show for my band. Kind of a comedy music thing.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I do hope you enjoy your time here and also our supportive community we have here. Peace and Love

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    I saw someone elses intro that was in a band was asked if they had a youtube channel.
    So I figured this was the thread to do some shameless self promoting. hee hee

    YouTube - moistguitars's Channel

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