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Thread: Drew Brees & Pampers

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    Default Drew Brees & Pampers

    Check this out!!

    YouTube - Drew Brees Teams Up With Pampers

    The ref is funny in this ad too!!

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    Haha, that provided a laugh!
    Funny, and kinda cute too...

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    my internet is giving me trouble atm so i can't watch it right now, i was gonna watch this 1 hour ago >_> stupid internet

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    btw Icey for some reason your DP reminds me of Aoi Yori Aoshi ..

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    If you want to play at this level, you need a high performance diaper.
    I like that quote

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    that was funny and wrong on so many levels. brought a smile to my face.

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    I was thinking that the huggies would explode or at least leak after a second ball

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    I saw this yesterday and was going to start a thread on it but looks I was to late Anyway, pretty funny commercial.

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