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    Anyone else listen to this yet? I came out on the 26th. It features a guest who I'm not familiar with who apparently used to do a over-the-air radio show with Dan back in the day.

    A girl calls in saying she's an 18 year old Adult Baby with a room mate and is asking about how to deal with it, if she should tell her room mate, etc. Dan dealt with it really well I think. I'm pretty much always in agreement with him, even with his somewhat anti-monogamy leanings which I must admit I also agree with. Being asexual and not really interested in any romantic relationship though I can't really throw my opinion in too much on the subject.

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    it starts at approx. 28:30 in the episode for those that want to know.

    Yeah, dan handled it well and i agree completely with his advice: if you are worried about a roommate finding out about your diapers, buy a footlocker and just don't wear when they are around.

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    I also agree with him that you don't have to tell everything to everyone and there's thing you have a right not to tell people and they have a right now to know. Probably a horrible comparison but it's kinda like how on Dexter his wife allowed him to have his own private space that was kept locked and she didn't demand to know what was in it.

    I think sometimes in certain parts of modern society there's this idea that privacy is bad and that if you want privacy you're clearly doing something wrong.

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    Is there a link for those of us who have no idea who, what, where, or when this is?

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