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Thread: Similar topic---Your stash when you are injured

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    Default Similar topic---Your stash when you are injured

    This thread sorta evolved from the if you died thread. Does anyone ever think about what might happen if you were injured in a car accident or other accident.

    I personally live alone and can imagine that if I was held up in the hospital for several days that my parents would come (live 5 hours away) and stay at my place. Now my stash isn't out in the open but all they'd need to do is open the closet to find my stacks of diapers.

    Obviously, my parents would be mainly concerned about my health/condition, but as I recover it would make for some interesting conversations.

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    I had that happen, I was in the hospital a few hundred miles from my home for 6 months, I do live alone but I had to have my brother stop by and take care of my house and mail.

    All my stuff was in my bedroom closet, it had no door, you could see all my diapers plastic pants and sleepers hanging there, he never said a thing about them.

    I have one great brother.....

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    All my stuff is in a safe, so somebody would have to be really cheeky to find any diapers, baby paraphernalia or sex toys.
    They might however find my sleepers, but I'm not bothered about that.
    They're comfy from a normal person perspective!

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    I would appoint one friend who I would confide in due to the pressure and the necessity of the situation i'm in. I have a friend I think I could confide in, the only friend I honestly and truly could tell him of my DLism -- I have him take all the things away out of my room and put it in some sort of storage.

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    I know that my condition would matter the most for my family if I were to be injured.
    But if my stash would be found during this... Not much to do about it.
    I would grab the bull by the horns and tell them the whole story. (though my mum already knows, I told her myself on my free will.)

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    Well, them invading my place for a place to stay close to the hospital wouldn't really be any different, I still live at home and even if we fast forward 6 months and I have my own place that still wouldn't be an issue. (I'd have 1 room and would share living room, and kitchen and bathroom) so they wouldn't take over that place either.... Now even if I change the whole situation to the hypothetical situation of the OP then... they already know.

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    I had something similar happen to me when I was 14. I took my bike to the local gas station to buy cigarettes. On the way home I got hit by a car doing 40 mph. Me and the cigarettes went everywhere. When my mom got to the hospital, she realized I was going to live, though I was in pretty bad shape with two broken bones in my leg. Eventually she said, "You know, we found the cigarettes." Since she had discovered that I smoked I said, Oh...well if that's the case, could I have one. I'm dying for a smoke." She very icily said,"No, I don't think you need that."

    They put me in a room with a man who was in traction, and he had been there for many month. Wouldn't you know it, he smoked in his room. This was before they banned patients from smoking in hospitals. Life is ironic.

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    Ha. This topic reminds me of an incident that happened to me.

    Back in the day, I used to travel for business. Even though I usually went with co-workers, we had separate rooms so I'd always bring some baby things along - diapers, plastic pants, bottles, pacis, some small toys.

    So, once I was on a week-long trip, and on the second or third day I had to work late at the local office, while my co-workers were done sooner. They left for the hotel, and we agreed they'd come back and pick me up for dinner (company largesse did not extend to multiple cars). So, about half an hour before they were due, I got a call from one of them, offering to stop by my room at the hotel and grab me a change of cloths so that I didn't have to go out for dinner and be the only one in a three-piece suit. UHH... I'M GOOD, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BOTHER...! obviously, the last thing I wanted was for the people I worked with to take a look in the dresser drawers in the hotel room! I have to admit, I thought about it briefly, but then sanity prevailed. I've always figured that even if you were the type who could brazen out the diapers as "Well, I've always wet the bed, big deal!" (and I'm not, really, anyway) the diapers, baby print pants, bottles and pacis all together would be just a little harder to explain away.

    When I lived alone, I have to admit that it never crossed my mind what might happen if I were injured and had to get help from a non-AB friend. And, since I've been doing this since before the Internet even, back in the day ALL my friends were non-AB's. Still, I never worried about it - self-protection I guess, not thinking about it. These days, my wife knows everything (even though she doesn't participate) so no big deal.

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    It has happened to me. I had to go to a psychiatric facility for a couple of months. My mother had discovered my diapers beforehand, and was pissed. She actually came to the hospital with my much younger sister (12 years apart), and told me how she threw them all away. She pestered me, going on about how I'm crazy, or a stupid schizo. I didn't want to hear this, so I told her to gtfo. I freaked, and then she never visited me in the hospital again.

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    The only thing I would be concerned about is if I had dirty ones. The rest of my stuff is hidden well enough that casual searching would not turn it up.

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