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Thread: Padded in the snow

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    Default Padded in the snow

    What are some fun or scary experiences you have had while out in the snow while padded?

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    Not had any so far!

    I can imagine it now, having a full diaper and falling straight on my ass ... exploding everywhere. Ouch!

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    Wearing a diaper while sleding is the most useful thing!

    It is fun, it keeps you warm, and you don't have to stop having fun.

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    You know, I honestly haven't gotten to try this yet... hmm... =)

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    I don't get snow were I live, but if I did, I can see the benefit of wearing under multiple layers of clothing.

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    I have to shovel snow in a while, but I have a diaper so I'm covered.

    Edit: Just got done. My ski pants unsnapped and started falling down along with my long underwear. I had to run inside before they fell down completely and exposed my wet diaper.
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    i cant say that i have worn while sledding or shoveling, but i can say that wearing a diaper while skiing it absolutely excellent!

    no need to be in any rush to go into a crowded lodge and strip off all of your ski gear, and than put everything back on.....

    plus, even if a diap does leak, you can blame it on the snow, and one of many added benefits is that they keep you warm!

    i will be going out next weekend and plan on padding up before hitting the slopes!

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    i just walked across campus padded. its rely not any different

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    It's no different when it snowing, but one good thing I have found if you have leather or vynil seats without seat heaters diapers are wonderful for those cold starts keep your butt nice and toasty.

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    I've worn skiing more times than I can count, first few times were a lot of fun, now it's a bit more mundane. I'll still generally always wear when skiing since it's a lot more convenient to not have to take off my skis, go into the lodge, etc. As for other times in the snow, well I live in the adirondacks so there's snow on the ground for about 5 months a year from November through April, so I've worn in cold, snowy weather quite a bit. It's a lot better than wearing on hot, humid summer days in my opinion.

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