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Thread: Sick days...-_-

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    Default Sick days...-_-

    I have been sick all last week and have been lieing down most the time. Although it made me wonder. How do you guys usaly handle your sick days. I usaly lie down watch tv and eat chicken noddles.(what every kind dose im sure.) Sometimes i get to play games but my dad dissagrees with it. Says it may be the only reson im sick.

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    Im not sick very often at all maybe one every several years, but when it happens i usually sleep like a bear either to music or tv or a book if i can manage it.

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    I don't get sick that much maybe 1-2 times a year. What I normaly have to deal with is migrains and I just sleep them off.

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    When I'm authentically sick, I sleep, but in school when I was only kinda sick I was all about bed + TV. That meant the Price is Right, old school Family Channel shows (Recess, Filmore, and even though it's newer, I was all about Dave the Barbarian - freakin excelent comedy), and I'd often watch some soap apera called As the World Turns or Spins or something, and it was great cause there'd be huge gaps in between when I saw it and the confusion was fantastic. Other important things learned on TV during the day is that there was some show on called Rupert that always seemed way longer than its alloted 30 minutes, the show Seven Little Monsters had a theme song sung by the Barnaked Ladies and George Shrinks is the most illogical thing ever... EVERRRRR. Also, whenver I had to stay home cause I was throwing up and stuff, I always had this incredible craving for BBQ chicken. What's up with that on a hot summer night?

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    I'm currently recovering from a cold. I don't get sick too often, luckily. Anyway, I mostly do everything I usually do. I waste my life on the computer and I read a lot, so I don't deviate from that much. I just tend to sleep more.

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    heh, coincidence much, i've been sick all week too. mostly i've been practicing the fiddle a whole lot since i sound really really good to myself when i'm all jacked up on sudafed. that stuff hits me like a pound of crack, i swear. i also got a volume of death note i've never read out of the library. and i've been taking lots of naps. i think i'm going back to work tomorrow though.

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    When I got H1N1 in mid-autumn, I e-mailed my professors, just barely managing to get the message sent off before falling fast asleep. Of the next 36 hours, I think I spent about 24 of them sleeping. It worked. I was back on my feet and got a 29/30 on a math quiz that Friday morning (came down with it Wednesday evening), although still quite miserable to put it mildly.

    I rarely take sick days though. I think I took a total of 4-5 throughout all of high school, if even that, and never more than 1 day at a time. I've taken one so far in college, which was due to piggy-flu.


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    It depends on what kind of sickness I've caught.
    I normally tackle fevers and flu with laying in bed, reading, watching TV or see a movie. Same if I have a harsh cold.
    One of my worst nightmares is gastric catarrh. When I have it, it's like lying before death. Usually I crawl between a bed soaked in sweat and the shower, that is; if I'm not in the hospital.

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    My boss made it clear when he hired me 6 years ago that I was expected to be at the shop for work whether I was sick, or not. He communicated this through telling me of how he ran a Sears car care center: if an employee "lays out" for a day, the he would tell that employee to just not bother coming back to work until told to, and not get a pay check. Usually for 7 days, according to him...

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    i usually stay home in bed, diapered up and cuddling my pooh bear

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