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    After reading a couple posts in the "The Mist" thread I wanted to open this up. There's nothing better than seeing a commercial for an upcoming movie of a beloved book of yours...until you actually see the movie. Some of them aren't too bad, but I'd say only a select few do a decent job of retelling the story on the movie screen. Which are your guys' favorites? Most hated?

    I actually went out and read I Am Legend before seeing the movie, and I thought that the producers did a fair job...they didn't follow the book's story line by any stretch of the imagination, but seeing the movie with prior knowledge of the book's ending made the movie a little better...

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    My favorite book-to-movie conversion was The Green Mile. I thought they did a great job of incorporating all of the important parts of the book's plot while choosing not to sacrifice some of its other parts. I really love that movie, and I really love the books!

    I think the Harry Potter... movies are considerably awesome -- granted, I know that they're narrowing down the content per movie due to the amount of stuff in the books, but they never cease to keep me entertained and having fun for a few hours!

    I believe that they've optioned Conn Iggulden's Emperor books for movies, which I'm really excited about -- I just hope that they do justice to the fun material between the covers!

    As for movies based on books, but that sucked? ... There are none that I glaringly remember -- I'll have to think about that!

    As for television shows based on books, Dexter is an absolutely amazing television show, but the books are absolutely terrible. It was as if the creator of the show looked at the books and said, "Let's take this shittily-written concept and idea and just do everything with it that should have been done with it the first time it was made!

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    Ah how could I have forgotten The Green Mile! Michael Clarke Duncan was awesome in that movie, loved it! Something I really enjoyed as well were the Hannibal Lecter movies. Red Dragon in particular was great. It's some pretty creepy stuff, but the movies were very well done...scared the crap out of me anyway!

    I remember being really disappointed in War of the Worlds, but that was a long time ago..

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    The HP series actually are doing a pretty good job save the last two. They are really cutting out some of the details, and all I'm really hoping for is that they either make a REALLY long movie for the 7th book or split it into two. Because that... You just can't skip any parts in it. Those who have read it will know =p

    Ehh... the most hated. I actually have to say out of the movies I've seen that were movies before I read the books such as Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hannibal Series, as well as others. But the most I've hated was the Unfortunate Events movie. For one the story line is mixed up. They put the "end" of the first book at the end of all three. Two they cut out so many things. Three they added part of the story that wasn't even in the first three books(which had me confused and I re-read them just for that). Sure it was funny and they did a pretty good job with the parts they did leave in, but overall I hated the movie.

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    You know it's funny, I was just thinking about that movie too, the Series of Unfortunate Events movie. Compared to the book it was downright horrible...the ending just.....bleh. I used to love those books too, I would stay up for hours reading them.

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    i have 2 one good one bad.

    first off, the golden compas. i read the whole searies twice befor anyone knew about the movie. and the movie followed the book perfectly. it's a great movie

    the bad movie is eragon. the book was amazing, and the movie killed it. everything about the movie was horrible, even if you didn't read the book it was bad. everyone who had read the book left the theater crying.

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    I absolutely hate when they destroy a good book with a movie. The harry potter series comes to mind here. Sometimes it's good if you watch a movie when you haven't read the book, because you don't know what has been cut out from the book or screwed up by the writers. Like Stephen King movies. Every time I've seen the movie when I haven't read the book I've thought it was great, then gone and got the book and it's totally different. The movies they make from his books just dont do them any justice! So one thing to do would be to watch the movie first. But then the thing that sucks about seeing the movie first is that you know how the story is going to go when you read the book. Although sometimes it does enhance the reading pleasure when you're reading and seeing the story happen slightly differently and better than it did on the silver screen.

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    Cheaper By the Dozen. The movie basically took the title of this wonderful classic and changed everything. The only resemblance that the two have is that the families both have a dozen kids. It's a damn shame that kids are growing up thinking the movie is like the book.

    Stuart Little is another example of this, a great kid's book ruined by a stupid movie, although they at least followed the plot somewhat.

    The Harry Potter movies are good, but I wish they didn't have to cut so much out. I'm looking forward to the last book's movie because I've heard it will be in two parts.

    Bridge to Terabithia was also a great book and movie. I thought the previews made it look like they'd try to turn it into more of a fantasy story than it is, but they did a great job.

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    The Golden Compass was alright until the ending they cut it off from the book but the worst one ever was......... Alex Rider they cut half the book and changed the villains name.

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    I have to agree with Daria about "Cheaper by the Dozen" it was a good family film...but NOTHING like the book! NOTHING!!!!

    Then there was the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films. I was pleasantly surprised that they stayed relatively close to the story lines of the books. Unfortunately they did leave out what I considered an integral part of the books...Tom Bombadil!

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