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Thread: where do you wear your diaper

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    Smile where do you wear your diaper

    just thinking about where people were wearing diapers...

    at home, work, shopping, movies, sleeping....

    most often i just wear diapers at home in the computer, but sometimes also when im shopping, but just when alone.

    Also sometimes sleep in diaper, but not often

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    Usually around my waist and between my legs.


    I mean, mostly at my apartment, often to bed.

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    From a little bit above my waist to below my scrotum.

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    Mostly at home, occasionally in public under some sweats. At least twice a week to bed. Never to work.

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    In the privacy of my own home. I did wear one in public once. One of the first times I ever bought diapers I was so excited that I had to drop into the public toilets on the way home and put one on, I just couldn't wait! lol

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    Only at home for me, when no one else is around. I just don't feel comfortable going around in public wearing a diaper.

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    Mainly at home and to bed. Sometimes I will wear out to the mall just for fun.

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    Typically at home. Given the chance I'll wear in public since it's the safest place to do so. I have many times by myelf and with others, don't have a problem with it. Wearing a diaper while trying to sleep is too umcomfortable for me, I get restless. Never worn to work, I'm sure I never will, two parts of my life I feel I shouldn't mix together.

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    I wear mostly at night, but if stressed i will wear during the day, or if i am going to be doing something scary i will also wear during the day. Have worn to work / school / college etc. College know that i wear and why.


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