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    Anyone know if they can ship sample packs to a USPS facility or what? Would they come in a envelope in the mailbox or in a box to the door? I'm trying to figure this out so I know if I can get it sent to me or not.

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    It's shipped in an envelope. No way to tell what is inside really. It does not have anything that anyone would relate to diapers being in the envelope.

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    I don't think that the USPS will hold packages at the post office, however, I have never really looked into it. I know that in my case, the samples were sent in a plastic envelope bag thingy, and they just barely fit into the mailbox. It probably helps that there are lots of stairs leading up to the house, so the mailman takes extra effort not to have to get out of the mail jeep and walk up to the door.

    So, if your mailman is lazy (as he well should be ), then you should be in luck, if you want it to go in the mailbox. And yeah, the envelopes are totally discreet, it could be anything, from everyone else's perspective.

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