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    hi i am new to this site.I am quite glad i found it though i have been a diaper lover for sometime and am not sure if i am an adult baby or not hopefully i can get some advice about things. I dont know about anyone else but do you suffer from guilt complex with ab/dl thing or is me just being stupid

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    Welcome to ADISC! Well, if you have any questions about whether or not you are an AB, or any other questions about the *b/dl lifestyle that you are unsure, curious, or worried about, then you have come to the right place! First things first, we here would like to know a little more about you. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of *b/dl lifestyle? I hope that you enjoy it here and that you enjoy our supportive community here! Peace and Love

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    Hi Gibbo, welcome to the community. The guilt complex thing is very common among AB/DL's. I am sure that we all suffer from it to some extent. In some cases it can be very difficult to overcome. The only two ways to overcome it is to stop completely or accept yourself for who you are, diapers and all. You will find very few (if any) people here who have successfully given up this lifestyle and at your age, you probably know that it is practically impossible. You will hear many stories though about people who have accepted their AB/DL side and are much better for it. This site helped me to storp feeling guilty about my DL side, accept myself and eventually tell my wife about it. She accepts it as part of me and is happy for me to wear whenever I like. Being a DL is not wrong or evil and it's not something to be ashamed of.

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    Hola and welcome to Adisc do you have any interests aside from diapers?

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    Hi Gibbo! Welcome to adisc!

    I dont know about anyone else but do you suffer from guilt complex with ab/dl thing or is me just being stupid
    Same goes for me, you're definitely not alone with your guilt feelings! I myself registered just a few days ago, pretty much feeling what you feel. The people here are really nice and helpful, so feel free to ask what you want to know. Hope it'll make you feel better about yourself. For me it was quite a relief to finally be able to talk about my dl side without having to be afraid people will laugh at me.
    Does anybody in your life know about you being a dl? And what else makes your life worth living?

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    Welcome to ADISC Gibbo =) your not alone at all in any of this you will soon find out the more time you spend here. If you need anything at all we're all hear to help

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