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Thread: Conan leaves the Tonight Show

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    Default Conan leaves the Tonight Show

    Tonight is the last night Conan has with the Tonight Show after only 7 months at the helm. Leno will be moving back to his 11:35 slot, leaving the Prime time slot due to sliding ratings. Kinda sad that he was only on for such a short period of time. Anyone have any preferences to whom you like more? Thoughts on the whole ordeal?

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    I like Conan; he just seems like more fun and Leno just seems old and washed up.

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    The popular opinion seems to be that Jay is Evil, and Conan is in the right. I'm biased unfortunatly as I've always likes Conan. I also Like jay Leno, but I'm gonna say I don't feel that he should be being moved like this, and Conan taking the schtick.

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    I never watch Leno and never watch Conan. I watch the Simpsons which is on FOX and The Late Show with David Letterman. Personally on the NBC ordeal, Conan was cheated but gets 35 million to be a free agent and I will still watch the better show in Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. That show is the BOMB!!!! Yesterday they made people lick random stuff for $10 USD!!!

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    I watch John Stewart and then Stephen Colbert. Leno is boring most of the time. I watched Conan when he got the 11:35 spot and I thought he was stupid, but I thought maybe it was an age thing. I like my comedy to be clever, involved, or absolutely beyond the fringe. Leno and Conan are none of those.

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    I've never watched Conan's show, but there's something about him just burning NBC's money as one last take-that really is funny in a way I'm not sure how to describe.

    ...Even if the horse wasn't Mine That Bird, that was brilliant. XD

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