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    Im new here and I am from the midwest and I like lemonade.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I am tk7432 and I am not new here and I am from Southside Marsipan and I like Chowder (Wanted to keep your intro structure). Do you have any other interests or hobbies rather than your favorite drink? I hope you enjoy your time here and our supportive community we got here. Peace and Love

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    I'm curiousitykitten and I'm not new here. I like Diet Coke.

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    I'm Johnathan, I'm a zombie and I like turtles.

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    Hi, I'm pastrami and I'm mildly new here and I'm from lol island and I like to eat myself.

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    Well hello Sir or Ma’am whichever the case may be.

    I see that you list yourself as an Adult Baby and Teen Baby as well. Should I assume that you are either a late teen, or young adult to consider yourself a part of both categories?

    As far as general location I’ll leave it at Midwest without further inquiry. I do not wish to intimidate a new member who may be terrified about giving away too much information. You may fear exposing what to many of us was a dark secret that marred our self image until we found others such as our selves and discovered that we were not alone in the universe.

    To that end please explore the site and tell us a bit more about yourself once you find that we are generally a benevolent group.

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