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Thread: Have you ever had a moment that you wonder if you did the right thing?

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    Default Have you ever had a moment that you wonder if you did the right thing?

    I’m going to preface this by saying that I had a desire to wear diapers before I was old enough to be embarrassed by bedwetting,
    so I’m not trying to delve into why I like diapers or what drew me to them.

    Reading posts here reminded me of a moment when I was a teenager. I was a bed wetter until I was well into my teens. I hated
    waking up cold and wet, and having to change sheets and clothes every morning. I hated having a room that smelled of
    ammonia. And most of all I hated having a plastic cover on my mattress that made noise every time I moved and not wanting
    anyone in my room because they may touch my bed and hear the plastic.

    At some point my Mother must have mirrored my dislike of wet sheets because she had a very tender conversation with me
    offering an alternative. She actually explained what adult diapers were using terms like briefs and told me that it was my
    decision if I wanted to use them. In a quarter second flat my manhood and pride kicked in and I said no.

    It wasn’t until fairly recently as I had to move back in with her due to hardship that I had a conversation about wearing diapers.
    I was sick of hiding something from a Mother that I had always been honest with. Now I just wonder what my late teens would
    have been like had I accepted her offer. I turned into a sullen youth who locked his bedroom door and obviously had secrets as
    I snuck diapers into the house and had a locked trunk in my room. Instead of worrying her and becoming distant I could have
    had an entirely different experience free from secrecy.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Well, you had parents that were a lot more understanding than mine. I usually just got screamed at, humiliated, and accused of doing it on purpose.

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    Congrats of having such understanding parents but I would say that we make bad decisions each and every day knowing that we can't change the past. Obviously in your case this happened before you knew about your *b/dlness and probably are regretting ever making this decision but time is time and otherwise it just is what it is.

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    No I already knew that I was interested in diapers, but my ego kept me from saying yes. Sorry if I confused you, I tried to address that as a preface to the post in the first sentence.

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    Sorry about that but I can understand about your wanting to be honest to your mother. My mom found that out but was in the middle with it in that she really didn't care about what I did. To me, that was one of the last things that I had to keep away from my mom. One of the few things I have still kept from her is my official bisexuality talk but I will probably tell her someday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    Well, you had parents that were a lot more understanding than mine. I usually just got screamed at, humiliated, and accused of doing it on purpose.
    Not to go into too much detail or be melodramatic, but the reason my Mother and I were so close is that my Dad was an abusive alcoholic and narcotics abuser. This is the primary reason that I hate drugs and alcohol passionately and have little tolerance for their use in my presence to this day. We were each others support in a difficult situation.
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    I can totally see where your coming from khaymen, i was in a much similar relationship wit my mother as well. When i was bedwetting at a young age it was pretty much looked at as normal and nothing to worry about ... it went away and that was that.

    Then home life got really complicated and things happened and ironically it came back and still it was viewed as something not to make a big deal out of because of the given circumstances ... it wasn't really that my mother was understanding, she just had a lot to deal with and since i was doing my best at hiding it, i believe she thought i had it under control. I was very secretive in al of this though and i too often wonder how things might have gone had i chosen to be more vulnerable and direct wit her about how i was doing and would have liked to handle it.

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