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Thread: Be you still own Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

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    Default Be you still own Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

    Most of this week have been half days at my school due to finals, so I've been spending a lot of time hanging out with friends. Usually when any of us get together, we do the same old stuff - play StarCraft, Rock Band, hit up Jack in the Box for some curly fries...usual nerdy stuff. But yesterday I think we did one of the nerdiest things we've done in recent memory.

    Three of us were just hanging out being bored, since we were waiting for our fourth member to show up with all the Rock Band gear. We were in the room of the friend who owned the house, and the same friend randomly decides to clean his room up a bit. He found his old Yu-Gi-Oh cards under his bed (he has like thousands...) and we all started reminising on the years we were all obsessed with it. Before long, the three of us had built seperate decks and began three way duels until the fourth friend showed up. It was actually some of the most fun I've had in a long was a fun wave of nostalgia.

    My own cards have been lost to the ether, and I have no idea where they've gone, but I'm considering tearing the house apart to find them, if they still exist. It's probably pretty geekish to admit it, but how many of you still own your Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and how many more of you actually still play the game?

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    I still play and when I get my provisional liscense and a car I plan to start hitting up like regionals and stuff.

    Not nerdy BTW. >_<

    Actually just today I got in 5 cards for my Lightsworn deck, it's really sweet now.

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    I got rid of mine. Had them for ages, probably about 6 years. God knows how much I spent on them though, easily a couple of hundred quid. In fact I have a Yu-Gi-Oh! game for the PSP so I could just play that. Not as fun as a real life duel though.

    I used to play with my friends but haven't had a proper duel in at least 3 years, that was against my cousin which I won. So at least I went out on a good note.

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    Yep, still got mine.

    I don't play anymore though, but it was fun back in the day. The show was great at the time too, but it got messed up and the game it self got old. Those were good times though...

    I had a sleep-over with a friend and we stayed up 'till 1:30 (We were 8 and 9, that was late for us) playing Yu-Gi-Oh and watching the shows his dad recorded for him. I remember us roleplaying one of the episodes we watched, ah good times...

    How many do I have at the moment? *looks under bed* ...hmm... *checks other out-of-the-way places* ...ah, damn. Can't find 'em anymore. I know there here though...

    I do remember having about 3 or 4 hundred cards last time I counted (four years now?).

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    Probably a few around here somewhere I had a killer deck when I played the spellcasters deck mixed with a few other things.

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    I totally still have mine.. XD

    My brother and I used to be obsessed.. I guess it dwindled out of us..

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    Still have, still play! I recently got re-interested in it, and as such, got my friends back in. I beat them every time with my killer deck.

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    Never had any YGO cards. Magic: The Gathering was the TCG to play when I was growing up. I do still have all my M:TG cards, but unfortunately nobody plays it anymore.

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    Ah, god. xD This brings back memories. I still have my rare/favorite cards, plus my spellcaster deck (which I'm rather proud of. DMoC, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Diffusion Wave-Motion). If I had people to play with anymore, I'd still play. But the friend I used to play most with sold his cards a long time ago.

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