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Thread: Buying at walmart

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    Baby diapers or adult diapers?
    Adult = Assurance brand adult diapers
    Baby diapers = probably Luvs.

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    save up and get some nice diapers.

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    I would go check out some pharmacys if you want decent diapers, the assurance diapers are the best walmart has.

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    Not if you like plastic backed.
    Assurance went faux cloth backed leaving Depends
    the best Wal-Mart carries as an in store item.

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    The average is probably a pack of 12 diapers for $10 to $15. Depends would be more expensive than the store brand.

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    Actually I think the Assurance briefs have been discontinued in medium - large only.

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    Discontinued? Probably all mediums get purchased frequently enough to be out of stock in your area-- it is the most common of sizes bought in my experience.

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    I can't even remember the last time I have been in a Walmart. I wouldn't be surprised of them just having the usual brands in retail stores these days.

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    Go to walgreens instead. better generic brand and better deals.

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