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Thread: Bed wetting is NOT fun. Even for a diaper lover.

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    Unhappy Bed wetting is NOT fun. Even for a diaper lover.

    This thread is targeted at the people who fantasize about wetting the bed, who think it might be fun, or sexy. I have a message for you.

    It's not.

    I was once like this, I thought it would be a new way to have fun in diapers. I thought it would be a great new TB/AB fantasy. Then, I decided to train myself to. I taught myself to pee in a diaper while laying down in my bed, and I wore 24/7 for a while. Nothing worked, but after a while, I finally wet in bed, by accident. I first thought it was a little exciting, but I realized something: I couldn't control it. It now happens to me multiple times a week, and it's no fun. When I'm diapered, I stay asleep, but I waste diapers. When I'm not, I wake up in wet, cold sheets.

    Please, learn from this mistake of mine and don't train yourself to do this, don't wish to, as it is an embarrassing, unnecessary burden upon myself. I'm alone in this because I'm scared to tell my parents. While there's a chance they might be accepting and buy me diapers (While I don't like this situation, I still like diapers!), the chances are they'll take me to a doctor about this, which would probably be embarrassing, not to mention painful, as hell.

    Anyone have any advice about this? Please post. I'd appreciate it.


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    I used to wet the bed until I was eight or nine.
    Yes. I was a TB/DL then as well.
    Take it from me as well...
    It's not fun. At all.

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    I can understand. Different people will almost always have different opinions though.

    Some people claim they have trained themselves to "bedwet" only when wearing a diaper, others just aren't able to do it at all, and some other people get stuck in the same situation as you. As for me, I don't think I'll be trying it anytime soon (even though it seems like it could be fun), most people will probably agree with that, but few people may be in a situation where it's little to no problem for them. I did try it once, but it just wouldn't work for me (and it's probably for the best that it didn't. I didn't try too hard anyway.)

    As for what you should do... you probably should tell your parents. If you end up seeing a doctor, then refuse painful tests. You know there's probably no health problem and there's nothing else to indicate to the doctor that it's anything else other than just bedwetting.

    If you don't want to tell your parents, then try to train yourself....
    - Avoid drinking anything before bed
    - Go to the bathroom before bed,
    - Set an alarm to wake yourself up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom (unless you think you'd have troubles falling asleep again, like I would)
    - Buy some type of pullups if you want to be careful

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    Interesting post. Probably good advice. However there are some of us who have to learn the hard way. :laughing:

    We're funny like that...

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    I dunno... I've woken up several times wet... I've enjoyed it each time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Jake View Post
    I dunno... I've woken up several times wet... I've enjoyed it each time.
    The problem is that whenever you sleep somewhere away from home, you have to have a diaper with you and you have to put it on before you go to sleep. This is almost always a difficult task -- but not nearly as hard as explaining why the bed is wet and smells like pee when you bedwet and forget/are unable to wear a diaper.

    IMHO the best thing to have would be the ability to be selectively incontinent - that is, to train yourself to bedwet only when wearing a diaper. Several people reported doing it on this forum in the past, and I think it's not something that everyone can do. I think it's happened to me once but I really don't remember.

    If there was a way to train yourself to be this way I would try drinking lots of liquids right before bedtime and then laying in your normal sleeping position and wetting until it feels natural. Do that for about 7 days in a row (that means using 7 diapers) and then drink lots of liquids, go lay in bed without a diaper, and then as soon as you feel like you need to go, get up and use the toilet. Repeat for 3 days, and then switch to wetting every other night for a week and a half or so. That will hopefully train your body to wet only when you have a diaper on, since it associates getting up and going to the bathroom with wearing normal underwear. Also make sure to wear loose underwear such as boxers or sleeping naked as opposed to boxer briefs because the signal is clearer to your body that way.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if the above instructions produce unexpected results. These instructions are provided only for informational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for advice from your doctor.


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    It's not really right to say that. I don't wet the bed and I haven't since I was like 6, but I have done it on purpose recently a few times cos I was too lazy to get up for the toilet. I like it.

    Oh, I just thought I'd add, you should tell your parents about it. Don't tell them that you have caused the problem yourself. You could say something like "I've been really stressed out because of the large workload at school and I've started having accidents. It's been happening for a while, and I've been too embarrassed to tell you. I've also been worried that I'd get in trouble for it." or something like that. If they take you to a doctor it's not all that bad. They'll do tests and find out there is nothing medically wrong and then they'd attribute it to stress. Better that you let you parents know about it anyway, rather than them finding out by accident, because that could cause some awkward situations.
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    Still, doing it on purpose is much easier to handle than your body doing it without your authorization on a weekly basis.


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    Not having control over it and really wetting in my sleep would be fun for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger View Post
    Not having control over it and really wetting in my sleep would be fun for me.
    Mean words, sorry..having no contorl over your bowls is not fun, not in the least. I was a bedwetter until I was ten and it really does hurt you emotionally. And don't tell me that is because I didn't like the wet feeling BS. I was a DL, ever since I was five, and even if, waking up in a wet bed every night and having sleep issues because of it is not fun, and I do not agree with people who say it would be different for them and what not because thats BS.

    Anyway, dud, go see a doctor, you are only 14, there are lots of kids who have wetting problems then, so please tell your parents, even though it is hard, its better to get help.

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