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    Default Hi!

    Oh God! What 2 days i passed!

    I know now that i'm a diapers lovers. I didn't know is exist. I just thought then i was crazy hell. Yesterday i just shopped online for electronics and have not clue why but i check for diapers, probably because i'm too scare to buy at drugstore. I found some websites about AB/DL and started to read everything i found! I passed the entire day on this but at the middle i just go buy some!

    And wow! i just found a community, people like me. No judgement at all! I found in 1 day what I cannot explain in 15 years! Damn its so good to know! But it's weird at the same... i like it, i'm right? i will be like that for rest of my life?! Can i change?! So much question at the same time but at least i found that i'm an DL!

    I actually started loving it at 14-15 maybe; make my own with plastic bag and toilet paper... my mother was thinking that i used a lot of rolls but she didn't know anything. I bought the first pack at 16 and after this pack i stopped for years (get a girl friend). After quit my girl friend lovin' diapers came back really don't know why, it's really impulsive. I bought few times baby diapers and stop it for few times, it's was on and more off until my accident of last july when i got 2 ribbs and a hip broken. So i needed to stay in bed for 4 months! My lovin' came back again! And now i'm alone, i got my own apartment and i use a lot of diapers, i sleep with... 3 by day maybe...

    So that's it that's me!

    Sorry for the approximate english, i'm french from Montreal

    Nice the meet you all!

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    Bonjour ADISC! Hope you enjoy others and our supportive community. Peace and love from a guy who knows fragmented at times French.

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    Welcome to the site, Vinny

    It's a pretty amazing feeling to realize you're not the only one like this. I hope this will be a good place for you to learn more about this and see how it fits into your life. It might make you kind of weird, but you're not alone.

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