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Thread: Do you ever think this is appropriate?

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    Default Do you ever think this is appropriate?

    A little backstory: my boyfriend is in the military and I live in a very liberal area, so when I mention what he does for a job, I am used to negative comments to a certain degree. Generally, I let it go because people who do not have to deal with the military and the uncertainty of having a loved one in it generally have a very different opinion and outlook on it then those who do.

    However, when talking to my face, it seems like some people just get a little TOO rude. Case in point, the following IM conversation. I was talking to an old friend, and he asked me about my boyfriend. It went on from there

    (spoilered to make things more tidy and the swearing censored out)

    Now my question is, do you think saying that to a girlfriend of somebody who's military is ever appropriate? I'm especially curious to hear the responses from people who are really liberal, anti-war, etc. if there are any. I consider myself a moderately liberal person and I couldn't imagine spewing so much hate at the loved one of somebody who fights for my freedom. I do have some pretty conservative core values though, so that might make a difference.

    What do you think?

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    I do not think it is ever appropriate to be rude and uncaring to someone.
    If your friend is near me I would love to go have a chat with him about
    being a bit more polite to a lady.

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    That's just outright lame of Nick, IMO.

    I would have kindly mentioned to him that millions of brave American soldiers have died in combat in order to protect the freedoms that he partakes in - which includes the freedom to make a complete ass of himself and the freedom to disrespect the very people who protected that freedom.

    (How many times can I say "freedom" in one paragraph, I wonder?)

    While I do disagree with how people with political power has misused the military in the past (and that happens in EVERY country that has a military), I have nothing but the greatest respect for the brave men and women serving in the service and putting their lives on the line for what they believe in. When was the last time Nick put his life on the line for something he believed in?

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    Thank you guys :]

    A quote somebody gave me earlier on a different forum I am a part of was "If you can't stand behind our soldiers, then stand in front of them". that made me smile.

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    I'm really anti-war, and damn, that guy was just an asshole. I really gotta respect people who do any sort of job for the world, especially soldiers. Somebody's gotta fight for what's right. I wanna punch this Nick guy in the balls. Over a million times. With an iron fist. I mean, I'm anti-war and liberal, but I actually give people respect for the choices they make in life. (If they don't butt into my life and tell me how to live, I won't tell them how to live either.)

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    I think I'm pretty liberal, and my dad was in the army. I do support the troops they do a very difficult job for very little money.
    I don't agree with the war, and the way its being fought, but my issue is with the various governments involved, not the young men on the front line.

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    I'm not exactly convinced by the objectives or methods of the current wars in Iraq or Afghanistan but I would never behave like that. It's crass, insensitive and just bloody stupid.

    It strikes me as ironic that he wrenches out Hitler (which automatically loses all arguments anyway) and tries to equate the culpability of a cog in his fascist machine with that of a current member of the armed forces when it took extraordinary efforts, bravery and sacrifice from the armed forces of the world to defeat Nazism. The aid that armies from several countries have been able to bring to the people of Haiti in the current crisis also seems like a pretty clear contemporary demonstration that their members are not just, as he put it, 'government bitches'.

    Basically, it's the least a decent person can do to respect the sacrifices and risks members of the military put themselves under - historically and currently - in the name of protecting their countries, whether one agrees with the current operations they are engaged in or not. Hope your man stays safe, Annie.

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    I've got family and friends in the service. It's true, I didn't have much confidence in the motives or wisdom of the Bush administration. Still, I was 100% behind the decisions made by my loved ones. They didn't make foreign policy decisions--they volunteered to carry them out, whatever those decisions may be. (And really, when we vote people into office, how well can we predict what their behavior will be?) I do not see any good reason for associating military service with moral flaws.

    Sorry that person made those unkind remarks. Totally unjustified, and mean.

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    The main issue we all need to remember here is that all those Veterans who served and are serving and made the ultimate sacrifice so we have that right to say and feel the way we do. Where else in the world can a sites like this flourish and there is no fear of it being shut down by a radical Government. Our Men and Women serving our Nation proudly defend the freedom of speech that we all enjoy and take for granted. I for one am damn proud of all of them! Oh by the way I served this Great Nation for 20 proud years too!!

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