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    Default other usage for plastis pants

    I was thincking of putting on a pair over my underware then my jeans when I go snomobiling. My but gets wet becaus I have a hole in my seat that do you think and have you used them for any other use?

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    A fancy hat

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    I remember my mom putting a pair of my old plastic pants on our dog Sparky when she came into heat. This was to keep her from getting blood on the furniture and carpets and worked well. The other purpose was to keep her from getting pregnant again but that did not work out so well. So after she weaned that litter of puppies she went under the knife and was spayed.

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    I've thought about trying them while sledding. Not sure I'd want to try it though.

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    When I ski, I wear disposable diapers with foam shock-absorbent pads around my tail bone and on the left and the right, outside the diaper. (This is in case I fall.) The pads are held snugly in place by plastic panties.

    I carry a spare diaper in my fanny pack.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    A fancy hat
    "A book can also become a hat."- Peter Griffin

    I wish I had some plastic pants but unfortunately I do not. Probably won't go skiing in them but not a bad idea to be used as padding.

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