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    hewo i ish new to this and ermmm i only just find this site ive been looking for a place like this well ill tell u abit about my self and then ill probly tell u abit about every that happons in my life coz atm it aint going well well hear gose im sean im pritty much a babyfur and im into alot of things i also have a troble of depression and it kinda sucks ive been liveing with depression scince i was 10 and i stopped going to school at the age of 14 coz of it and im having family issues atm about my sexuality well thats anathere story and that all i cant say atm

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    Welcome to ADISC! First and foremost we are people on this site so writing in babytalk here isn't the brightest idea. Second, if you do have issues about yourself that you do not want to share, then don't mention them in your post. Third, do you have any hobbies or interests or hobbies that you enjoy to do outside of your *b/dlism/babyfur life? Fourthly, I would like to say that I hope that you enjoy it here and that you enjoy our supportive community. Fifth and Last: Peace and Love

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    well im into computer and no i dont really dont go out and that and my hobbies are arts and craft, computer tech and some other ting but apart from that i hab nuthink else and thankies for greeting me

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    Welcome To ADISC, sounds like our support community is going to be able to help you out a lot. just remember to be open minded and kind and you should benefit a lot from here, i hope you enjoy your time spent =)

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    thankies thats what im hopeing for to get to know new people and make friends and well helping me out and that

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    Dude! Your text is harder to read than freakin Redwall (anyone remember that?). Anyways, I'm not the best dude to lecture folks on spelling and grammar and such cause I ususally make it up as I go along, but using real words, actual sentances and all those loverly punctuation marks would be apprecaiteed.

    Also, welcome to ADISC! We are one letter a way from A DISCO, and with your help and support we just might make it there. Post often, or at least well, and don't forget to remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slang View Post
    Also, welcome to ADISC! We are one letter a way from A DISCO, and with your help and support we just might make it there.
    I think I love you for that.

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