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    Hello friends. I am a 14 year old TB, hooked ever since I tried on my first pullup when I was 9. I am an avid saxophonist, and have beenplaying for several months. As my name suggests, I LOVE ANIME, from Gundam Seed Destiny to Gurren Lagann to Death Note to Code Geass. I hope you all will accept me into your community

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope ya enjoy it here and our supportive community! Peace and Love

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    Cool, another 'saxist!' What kind do you have? I have a Selmer Paris SuperAction 80, Alto, with black laquer. Are you into Jazz, Classical, Pop? Welcome to the site!

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    Hi. Welcome to ADISC. I am sure everyone will accept you here. This is one cool place to come and just hang out.

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    I am a beginner, as i only know the g,c,d, and f scales. I use an old as300 by selmer, which is one of y most prized possessions. I am mostly into classical. My dream saxophone is a selmer mark VI gold lacquered with silver plated keys

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    Welcome to ADISC animetoddler, im really happy to hear the art of wind instruments are not being lost ^_^

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    Hey animetoddler, welcome. I would love to learn to play the saxophone, glad to hear you play. Well, anyways, hope you enjoy it here in the community.

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