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    The level of idiocy here is astounding. This is the centre of ridiculous questions.

    These are all real, I've provided the links as proof.

    "I know it may sound weird, but my parents are still pretty young and have very loud sex and sometimes late at night I can hear them and I cant help but touch myself. Is this bad or is it something other people have done too?"


    "Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to use a background that would essentially turn my computer monitor into a mirror? Scanning a mirror doesn't work."

    How turn computer monitor into mirror? - Yahoo! Answers

    "ok im kinda worryed here since my g/f got pregnant and all she isnt been havein her period do u think the baby is drinkin the blood??? she 6 month pregnant"

    Girlfriend aint had period since? - Yahoo! Answers
    Why are the holes in cats fur always in the right places for their eyes? (bolded for effect on how fucking stupid that is)

    Why are the holes in cats fur always in the right places for their eyes? - Yahoo! Answers


    Is the vagina or whatever girls pee out of in the same place as a boys penus?

    Or is it in the back where a boys --- is? I know this is an odd question but i have a valid reason to ask it.

    Is the vagina or whatever girls pee out of in the same place as a boys penus? - Yahoo! Answers

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    LOL that is some really funny shit there. The one in bold is just so fucked up and the one about the vagina... man are people dumb.

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    Okay there are trolls there you know. I have asked questions like "How do you get an aspie to have sex?" "Are Dottie and Kit still alive?" (Dottie and Kit are characters in A League of Their Own) and "How do I get rid of my vagina?" "Did I just rape my aspie boyfriend?" "I think my husband an aspie?" and I talk about how he is on the computer all the time and his rituals are the same, he comes home and takes off his shoes and has coffee and gets on the computer, is he autistic?

    And my favorite one was this one:

    Can I use my Asperger's as a defense in this case? - Yahoo! Answers

    Parody of the Gary man, that computer hacker guy from the UK. That mad pisses me off. The more aspies think that his AS used be used as a defense, the more I hate the man. So I made that question.

    Trolling there is fun and I have found out the more trollish you make your questions, the more responses you get.

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    obvious troll is obvious

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