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    I need somebody who has Windows XP SP3 to give me a file from there computer please!

    I need C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\smss.exe

    (Note: for anybody who does not know this folder contains crucial system files, so be careful when accessing it)

    I have been trying to fix my mums computer for three days because it was riddled with virus. and it took ages to get rid of them all. however to cut a long story short i accidently deleted the smss.exe file from the HDD and now the computer wont start. I can't format it and start again as there are loads stuff oin there that we still need. Also i don't have another pc to attach HDD to and do it myself just laptops.

    So i would be very grateful if you could email me or post the file so i cab put it back on the PC. many thanks.

    Berko x

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    I'd imagine that'd be horribly complicated, so be warned. Any update could have changed this file, and without that information you risk screwing the computer.

    Surely a better approach would be a simple backup and reinstall? At least this way you know it'll be stable and safe set up.

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    I know what i'm doing, but like you say i would much rather backup and re-install, but i don't have that option. And i don't think it could be more screwed to be honest. it just re-starts before the logon screen comes up.

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    take old HDD out buy new HDD Reformat with new HDD and Turn old HDD into external HDD.

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    No problem, PM me your email address, I can send you the file.
    I have a copy of all the XP files on my hard drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    take old HDD out buy new HDD Reformat with new HDD and Turn old HDD into external HDD.
    That's what I did when my hard drive "died" (bad sectors) late last year. Worked pretty damn well.

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