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    I go by lexi and live in the DFW area. I'm a TB and I came out to my parents about 2 years ago that I'm a lesbian (ewwww Hate that word!) and wanted to be a baby again.

    I feel left out since becoming a toddler again without any friends.

    I found this site searching and hope that I can make some net friends since all mine ditched me:cryhankie:


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    Hi lexi and welcome to ADISC. I'm sure you'll find some good friends here. Have any hobbies or interests? If you want to talk to some live bodies, check out the IRC channel either by an IRC client or by one of the web clients (not available on here).
    If you don't like lesbian, call yourself something else. Labels aren't neccessary on here as you'll find out. You can be what you want, we don't care.

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    Yeah, you're also simultaneously 22, 19 and 13 years old.

    *runs and shakes your hand* I've never met a shapeshifter in real life before. I'm so honored...

    that I'm gonna ban you!


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    She just reverse ages so quick that her birthday constantly has to be adjusted... that should be innocent enough :P

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