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Thread: UJ sample Question?

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    Exclamation UJ sample Question?

    After i order the sample for underjams, will they continue to send me junk mail after that?

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    i never liked underjams, when i got a pack of my size they ripped all the time. like when i sat down the sides ripped, and they dont last very long till the sides rip no matter what anyway.

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    im sorry but i wouldnt know :/ never ordered online anyway

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    whoever has ordered a sample, if they send additional mail after the sample?

    I just want to try them. and it is just 1...

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    I got the free sample before, I don't think that they sent me junk mail afterward. If they do, it's very few and far between. However, FYI, it does NOT come in discreet packaging. I'm not sure if that would be a concern of yours or not, but I figured I should let you know that.

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    It is a concern. i dont want anything else coming in the mail after the sample...

    my plan is to get the mail every day until the sample comes, so I dont get caught.

    I know the sample is not discreet, but I dont want ANY more mail from them after the sample

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    You could try ordering the sample under a believeable but fake name, just as a fail safe incase you do get caught. That way, any junk mail should be ignored if you intercept the Underjams package.

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    But is there any additional mail after the sample? I need to know because thats whether i decide to order or not...

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    They do not send junk mail after.

    Free samples on my website also.

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    I have ordered many samples and %99 of the time the company has never sent anything more.

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