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Thread: The severity of Adult Baby

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    Default The severity of Adult Baby

    What would you say about what a borderline AB be like or a mild AB or moderate AB or severe AB?

    I know I'm being silly.

    I think a severe AB would be being too far into the fetish it has taken over their lives such as that guy in the adult baby syndrome article. Anyone remember that one?

    I'm probably a borderline AB because I have some tendencies but I am mostly a DL. I would say I used to be a mild AB until my depression went away. I used pacifiers every night, and used baby bottles and I liked being babied but not 24/7.

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    If your adblism has consumed more than half of your lifestyle, I say it passes the borderline of severity. I am only at nights, and sometimes during the day on weekends or holidays.

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    I would say extreme would be the guy in the Burger King commercials. Of course he's just an actor, but if someone acted like that out in public, yeah, they would have a problem.

    As for in between, it might be someone who wears to work, knowing that it might get them into trouble, yet they can't resist. If it kept you from going out and socializing, I would think that would be a problem.

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    Hmm a hard one to quantify really, I agree with severe AB, but anything below that is just what people want to do. I wax and wane with my ABness, sometimes I just want to be babied all the time, other times its hardly ever. But I'd say I was a Moderate AB. I like the adult side as much as the baby side.

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    I'm in the same boat as Loopy. Always changes weather I'm more into being an adult or a little. Most of the time I think I'd fall into moderate and then hop scotching back and forth between it and mild. Buuut I'm not without my reasons like Calico said her ABness tied into her depression I also have that connection to my little.

    Lately though yeah, definitely moderate now that I'm back in college the stress plus other baggage really makes me want to put on a cute outfit some nights and say screw the rest of the world, I'm a baby. It helps XD.

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    I'm going to say that I don't like that way of classifying people. Fine, different people have different levels of babying they're comfortable with, but using terms like severe is misleading.

    Just because somebody likes being fully babied doesn't mean they go out and do it in public, or that it rules there life. You could be dressed, fed, nappied and treated like a baby at home at times, but only in moderation. On the other hand you could have a guy who only likes a dummy but insists on going around in public with it in. Which one of those would you class as 'severe'?

    I can kind of see what you're saying, but the extent to which you are babied doesn't correlate with how much it rules your life, or how much you exhibit it.

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    Anything taken to an extreme in a way that it interfers with your social life is a problem. Whether it's cross dressing, AB/DLism, a foot fetish or what have you... if it's ruling your life and causing a problem for you in society it's "Severe"

    Take this a-hole for example: 'Diaper man' arrested for lewdness at recreation center - ABC - Salt Lake City, Utah News this is severe. What's worse is, the people who do have a "Severe" level of whatever their fetish is...tend to cast a bad light on all of us who would consider our *BDLism as "recreational" and private at best.

    As for myself, I'm mostly DL with only AB thoughts at best (I don't own any baby items...I just like the thought of being small when I'm wearing).


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    I'm not sure I like the appellation of "severe" to describe the condition of having problematic AB tendencies. It seems to imply that engaging in AB activities too frequently is detrimental, and that only engaging in AB activities occasionally is not. However, what seems to make the matter problematic is either the failure to properly integrate the AB lifestyle with the more normative lifestyle, or when AB tendencies indicate underlying psychological issues that need to be dealt with and aren't. But this is independent of the frequency of the behavior, as even occasional behavior can be problematic, and frequent behavior is not necessarily problematic. Likewise, even infrequent behavior can be a way of repressing issues that should be dealt with, and frequent behavior can be unrelated to any underlying issues. As with the general psychological criteria for a "problem" as opposed to a quirk, if it ain't causing you trouble, don't worry about.

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    I'd say mine changes, all part of that 'binge/purge' cycle I guess. Sometimes I'll "regress" once a week, other times I'll do it every 4-6 weeks. I guess it all comes back to how I'm feeling at that time. I think it's an important part of who I am, but isn't something that is super dominant in my everyday life.

    So..on a scale from 1-10, (1 being mild, and 10 being severe), I guess I'd be a 5?

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    Just an opinion.

    Borderline AB
    Is one that puts a diaper on once a month. Enjoys the feeling.

    Mild AB
    Wears a diaper 2-3 times a month. Finds themselves not having enough time, money or resources to wear more often.

    Moderate AB
    Puts a diaper on at least once a week. A healthy relationship between their baby life and adult life.

    Severe AB
    Wears Daily. Me! Enjoys the feeling of a diaper, the security and having one less thing to worry about in life. It is just part of their life.

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