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Thread: Ordering online without a creditcard?

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    Default Ordering online without a creditcard?

    I don't own a credit card, and almost all of the websites I try to order from require credit cards. Is there a way around this?

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    I think XP medical accepts mailed cash, but i'm not 100% sure.

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    I think you can tie paypal to your bank account/debit card and use that. Or you can get pre-paid Visa cards (but they'll be debit, not credit).

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    Does no one ever read the wiki?

    Ordering online - ADISC Answers Wiki

    Or use the search function, for that matter?

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    Yes I searched and read the fucking wiki. It didn't tell me the best way to order w/o a credit card or paypal

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    Quote Originally Posted by NirvanaisAmazing View Post
    Yes I searched and read the fucking wiki. It didn't tell me the best way to order w/o a credit card or paypal
    except it does. from the contents of that artical....

    1 Payment options

    * 1.1 Credit/debit cards
    o 1.1.1 Visa Electron
    o 1.1.2 Visa Debit
    o 1.1.3 Maestro
    * 1.2 Prepaid credit cards
    * 1.3 Money orders
    o 1.3.1 Getting the right amount
    o 1.3.2 Warning
    * 1.4 PayPal
    * 1.5 Physical money
    o 1.5.1 Online diaper stores that accept cash

    so, prepaid cc's, moneyorders, and cash.... theres your answer.

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    I think the only site I've seen that accepts cash is North Shore Care:

    Quote Originally Posted by North Shore Care FAQ's Page

    Is cash a payment option?
    Yes. You would need to complete your order online. Select Cash or Check as your payment option. Then mail your payment to us at the address listed on your automated confirmation. We will ship your order after we receive your payment.
    However, I've never used them but have heard many good reviews. Personally, I order through XP Medical with mail orders. It's pretty simple, just go to your local P.O. and ask for one in the amount you want. Then just mail it with your order.

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    if you can find a site where u can use paypal...

    use it in conjunction with a visa gift card. Virtually no "evidence"

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