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Thread: Considering adding Magnaflow exhaust to my CR-V

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    Default Considering adding Magnaflow exhaust to my CR-V

    But I don't want it to sound like a ricer Just a bit throaty, make it sound like a diesel and make it more fun to drive for me..
    What do you think? Does anyone have experience with custom exhaust?

    The car is a 1998 CR-V with a 2.0L Engine DOHC

    Would adding a custom muffler lower the reliability/affect gas mileage? I heard that it would actually get BETTER mileage if it was a bit less restrictive, cause right now you can barely hear it but I want it to sound like my '83 240D that I had to get rid of

    I miss the rumble of that car

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    Or you could drill a couple holes in the existing muffler and get the same effect......

    Something to think about: When Maxx Jr. became of driving age, I signed over the title to the old family minivan. He was disappointed until I explained the 'stealth' concept. Two vehicles driving down the road. A red 'vette, and a non-descript minivan. Which one gets pulled over first?

    Same concept applies to exhaust. You're not racing. Real racers, if you know any, are snickering behind your back.

    Yes, I remember how I was at 16. Same way. Just sharing the experience of 40 years driving. Without a ticket. Ever.

    Other things on Maxx's list of silly vehicle accessories:

    1. Rear deck spoilers on front wheel drive cars
    2. Tachometers, unless you have a manual trans.
    3. Fake hood scoops, or faux vents of any kind that don't go anywhere
    4. low profile tires. Alloy wheels don't hold air worth a damn, replacement tires are ridiculously expensive, and they mess up suspension performance unless you do all kinds of mods.

    Racing (as in, on a closed course) is a different matter entirely. Then you do what you need to for performance.

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    Do not do this! A friend and I did this to my 98 CRV when we both worked in an exhaust shop more or less as a joke, but it sounded terrible. I have since come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible to make a B series Honda motor sound good with a "performance" exhaust. The CRV is a very capable and reliable mode of transportation, but a race car it is not.

    I am a tad biased now, as I now own the only 4 banger that sounds good at WOT ;p

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    nay on the exhaust mod, it's not going to do any good, you will receive more ridicule than applause for it. Take examples from this guy:

    YouTube - Bubba Rubb and his Whistle Tips - Famous Videos

    gas mileage might suffer a bit due to the less restrictive exhaust. Contrary to popular belief, exhaust systems need some back pressure in order to excavate exhaust efficiently. Too wide a pipe and the exhaust doesn't flow as quickly causing loss of power and some gas mileage. When you build a race vehicle, that excavation is needed at higher RPMs so larger pipes are needed. This is a street car and to bust the exhaust up like what you're doing could hurt gas mileage a bit.

    as for the best sounding 4 banger, that's a matter of opinion. Sure, subies (boxer engines) have that throaty sound to it, but take a small 4 cyl. engine to godly high RPM and i think it's beautiful.

    still doesn't have the balls to take on the rumble of a V8...mmm...XD

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    From someone who raced two cars on the track, If you buy a set of headers designed for your CR-V, and a modest high performance muffler, you will increase horse power. If you keep your foot out of the gas, you could probably increase gas mileage based on the difference between horsepower gained, and demand.

    The above poster is absolutely correct in saying that your engine has to have a certain amount of back pressure to function correctly. When ever you modify an engine, you do take the risk of prematurely wearing it out. There's a reason why Honda designed your engine and exhaust system the way they did.

    If you want more performance, save your bucks and buy a high performance sports car. You will have the power and the reliability. If you just want to increase mileage, buy slightly larger tires.

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    Its not power I want.. Its the noise

    I had a 83 Diesel Mercedes I am not a leadfoot.. This Honda has got 184,955 miles on it and I drive it 60 miles a day to get to work and back.

    I do lik the car, I just want it to have a bit of rumble to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post

    Other things on Maxx's list of silly vehicle accessories:

    2. Tachometers, unless you have a manual trans.
    I disagree with just this one, the other sillies are silly...

    A tach is a lovely thing to have, for many reasons, mostly diagnostic. Actually if any of your gauges read wonky there's a reason behind it; I only spotted an engine problem because my mileage dropped in half with no other symptom.

    If your engine is quiet enough, but stalls at idle... you don't want to be restarting an already running engine in intersections! Seriously, watching your shift points in an auto is a good idea... like watching for slippage...

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmahtherebel View Post
    Its not power I want.. Its the noise
    That's pretty much all you're gonna get... Noise. A cat-back on an n/a might net you 5-6 HP on a B20B.

    Cheaper than an exhaust, and cooler (IMO) would be an electronic exhaust dump. This is the one I have:

    BadlanzHPE Electric Exhaust Cutout 2.5,3.0,3.5 INCH C : eBay Motors (item 170351181168 end time Jan-25-10 15:31:27 PST)

    And it's quiet when needed, and LOUD when I want.

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    Honestly dude, I wouldn't do it. Yes, it will possibly slightly increase power, and greatly increase the noise, but other driver's will not be impressed. Please don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way, as I too take great pride in my vehicles (I have 2 and a half - that half being a motorcycle) but here's the thing: People who don't know cars or who don't care about the art of driving, i.e. old people, and anyone driving a Buick, sans the Grand National/GNX, are going to just be simply annoyed at you, they could care less that you might be able to potentially accelerate. People who DO know/care about cars, which are people that drive sport's cars and also people who make darn sure that they ONLY drive stick shift, and those that know that proper cornering means accelerating at the apex through the turn and those people who know that the "scandanavian flick" is not a hand gesture, are going to think you're a tool, no offense, but we know that even with a loud exhaust, you are going to have a difficult time in a drag race against a run of the mill Toyota Corolla.

    On the technical side though, be careful as Honda motor's tend to like a bit of back-pressure. Also, if it's got an automatic transmission, just don't even think about it, it will not sound good. If it's a standard tranny, it might sound OK with the steps that the gear changes will give it, but auto's it just sounds like drones, slushy drones.

    As for the CR-V in general, they are solid cars with near bullet-proof reliability. I'd love to get a used, all wheel drive model for those days that I need to go over the mountain passes in a blizzard, since putting on chains is a royal pain in the @$$. However, you're not going to win any races with it. I'd say save your money for a down payment for a fun car, or spend it on diapers, whatever floats your boat.

    Oh, and it should not affect your reliability, I did this on one of my cars that I owned for quite some time, it was an Altima with a 5 speed stick, I put the exhaust on at about 60,000 over 10 years ago. While I don't own the car any longer, I do know the person that does and it still runs. I sold it 6 years ago with about 120,000 on it, and today it still runs on the original engine with slightly over 200,000 miles.

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    Only a stick? All those Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, etc. drivers with their fancy DSG's must be auto-tragic driving grannies :P

    If you want to know what it sounds like with an open exhaust in a non-permanent manner, disconnect the two bolt flange to the cat-back exhaust and put a couple of washers on the bolts, sandwiched between the two flanges, so that when you bolt it back up there will be a slight gap. More washers = more gap = more noise. If it turns out to suck as bad as most of us who have been there know it will, you can always take them right back out.

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