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Thread: tye dye pull ups

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    Default tye dye pull ups

    I was looking for colored pull ups on ebay and found the most awesome thing ever. These are so cool and I just have to share them with all of you.

    POTTY TRAINING PANTS AIO PULL UPS MEDIUM TYE DYE LOOK - eBay (item 230423185902 end time Jan-18-10 18:32:26 PST)

    It's the coolest thing ever in my opinion.. Man I want these more than anything!

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    *Hyper-ventilating* I - WANT - THEM - NOW - HOW ?? DO - I - GET - THEM ???!?!??????

    Tooo bad my waist is like 8" - 10" + the size for them =(

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    I know right? It's too bad they're too small for me, too..

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    The other day i was thinking about trying to sew a cloth diaper and this was one of the patterns i've always wanted. Seriously tie-dye was my favorite thing ever in high school. A girl that i was in band with used to tie dye shirts and put things like I <3 band on the front of them and band geeks rule on the back. I ended up getting a few odd looks for it though since i was the only boy in the band that wore one, little foretelling eh? . I might try and do this on monday but it'll take some practice. I love ideas!!!

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    That person selling them on Ebay has a Etsy account. The large &xlarge diapers can go up to a 30" waist! QTBUNNS CLOTH DIAPERING /TRAINERS/ NATURAL CARE NEEDS by qtbunns

    The prices are pretty reasonable, I might order from her. Anyways If you contact her she might be able to make you those pull ups in tye dye

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    Man, are they cute. Now if they were like 5"- 10" inches bigger...

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    Surely these quite frankly awesome pants (I agree with squishee's sentiment) would have the problem that the tye dye ink has used up some of the absorbency of the cloth?

    I would have thought it wouldn't be too hard to do at home, you just need the right dyeing strings. Oh the joys of Design and Technology Textiles! I made a tye dye hat!

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    Tye-dye's always been cool in my book. I'm sure someone could find a way to make these. This has got to be one of the coolest threads on here that I've seen in a Loooong time!

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    do you think it would be possible to make a pair of disposable tye-dye pull-ups and not just cloth ones? =o

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    Quote Originally Posted by zap View Post
    do you think it would be possible to make a pair of disposable tye-dye pull-ups and not just cloth ones? =o
    Not using a conventional technique. The process involves basically leaving material in dye, with strings tied around the cloth to prevent dye from reaching areas, and sometimes with powdered dye on the string, adding further colours.

    I'm sure you can see the problem with that! Could be interesting to see what happens anyway!

    Oh, and of course any plastic coated diaper would probably not take on the ink.

    You might be able to draw a similar pattern on using appropriate pens, however.

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