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Thread: 2012 Doom Day survival

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    Default 2012 Doom Day survival

    I know A lot of people hear about 2012 and say it never going to happen but let say it does happen do you thing you will be ready when sun flares put us in dark ages again.

    The world government have know about 2012 and building underground bunker some thousand of square feet bigger than mannahatta for the past 20 years and more. There is a lot rumor there going be for Rich who can pay for the seat in side one of this bunker and for the government people there self.

    You would think would try save every day people but seem like it not that way
    we all got try save self from this. Now before say not end I'm not say it if know anything about sun through off solar flare most small the earth can take because magnetic force of the earth block them.

    But NASA and world space organization found magnetic shield have large hole me bad for us. There a lot thing that happen to earth get hit by large solar would mean , world power going out , tidal waves , volcano's eruption, fire. So basically HELL as we know it on earth.

    Now question is do you thing ready for 2012 if it did happen with supplies , food, water and safe place for family . when everyone else crazy because large black out take years to fix.

    This what survival kit should have. Flash light
    5.can foods
    6.hazmats suite with breath masks
    7.blankets to keep warm
    8.large amount water to last few weeks or days
    9.Guns and large hunting knifes for knowing reasons
    10. clothes for each family for all seasons

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    Flint and steel is actually much more useful than a lighter... can still be used when damp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TygerLily View Post
    Flint and steel is actually much more useful than a lighter... can still be used when damp.
    Yeah, but a Man of Steel is even better. If Superman doesn't find a way to save us first then I'm not sure this is a world I want to live in anyways.

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    you should always have a survival kit ready.. every single area of the world is plagued by natural disasters. Fires, earthquakes, tornados, tusamis, dust storms etc.. not on world ending scale but on the level where your power/water/internet etc can be cut off for 2 hours all the way to 3 weeks in some rare cases. Hati just had a MASSIVE earthquake and were unprepared for it.. don't let that happen to you.

    Like say if a earthquake were to hit my area right now and it knocks out the power and phone lines. that will cut off all my means of communications asides from radios that run off the grid somehow. I would have to use candles and flash lights for light. I would have to use the wood burning stove to keep warm, etc. also I have flint and steel already. but you HAVE to have something that will catch on fire easy, like toilet paper, cotton balls and maybe even non-used diaper fluff.. (I never tried the last one before, so it may not work)

    That said 2012 will be just like any other year.

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    I have already bugun constructing a bunker for when the world ends in December 2012. I have dug a bunker 100 feet underground, that I am going to have lined with several feet of titanium-plated, steel-reinforced concrete. I have already started purchasing the necessary supplies (hundreds of cases of canned food, thousands of batteries, flashlights, lanterns, candles, matches, lighters, firearms, fishing equipment, bottled water [since the water will likely be unsafe to drink] butchering equipment, plenty of diapers of course, and my favorite: a haz-mat, radiation-proof, pressure resistant, insulated, heat-reflecting, anti-biohazard suit)

    I recommend that everyone else do the same to prepare for this event. Scientists at NASA have confirmed that on December 21, 2012, the sun will rapidly cease to exist as a star. It will explode, expanding to many times it's current size and completely engulfing the earth. Planet earth is likely to be charred into a ball of ash; at the very least, everyone will be burned to death and all of the water on earth will evaporate or sublimate. On the off chance that anyone should survive this catastrophe, they will likely be killed by all the radiation that will somehow be present on earth. This will be given off by radium dust that will be created in the explosion of the sun, which will force hydrogen molecules to be fused together into radium. Some of this radium will land on earth, and cause widespread radiation contamination. Add to this the fact that all of the water on earth will be gone, and that all the iron in the earth's core will evaporate or sublimate as a result of the hear and come boiling out through holes it will punch in the earth's mantle and crust. After the sun has died, this iron will cool down and it will rain molten iron on earth. Thus will begin a new age in which iron will replace water as the substance that causes most of the weather and falls as precipitation. There will be lakes, oceans, and rivers of molten iron; as well as polar ice caps made of solid iron. Molten iron will fall as rain and iron dust will fall as snow. This will continue until the earth cools off from the explosion, at which point it's going to get really, REALLY cold, because there will be no sun anymore. All the iron will freeze, and the earth will go from being too hot to survive on to being too cold to survive on.

    I hate to break this to all of you, but unfortunately this is what's gonna happen. It will all happen because many centuries ago, some people devised a calendar that ends on December 21, 2012; therefore, the only logical conclusion is that the earth will end violently on that date. The solar explosion I described above is how scientists have determined this will happen. This is all very similar to how the world already ended on January 1, 2000, because some computers were programmed to "think" that the first two digits of every year are "19".............................................. ...........Oh, wait. I guess the world didn't end in 2000...I guess I wasted all the time and money I spent preparing for 2012-12-21.

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    Why is this in Mature Topics? This is a forum game if I've ever seen one.

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    Becuase people take this year serous because is going giant solar flares are going hit us it not going kill but just make earth was during dark ages with no computer , light whole modern way living. That and are weather pattern change for while settle back down be all we got to do get first few days or weeks as this happen.

    This not joke why not in game thread this thread how would survive world wide black out cause by the solar flares that are going to hit earth what in return going make everyone on this planet go crazy in world because no power for months or years during 2012.

    This not doom day thread just mess up way of living thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylife247 View Post
    Becuase people take this year serous because is going giant solar flares are going hit us it not going kill but just make earth was during dark ages with no computer , light whole modern way living. That and are weather pattern change for while settle back down be all we got to do get first few days or weeks as this happen.
    Solar Flare Hitting Earth:

    There is always a chance that a solar flare can hit the planet and knock out electrical items on that particular side of the planet. Everyday there's a chance, its happened a few times infact.

    Crazy thing is, most everything it would take out is easily repair-able

    The Myan calender is just that... a calender. Your Goren Calender ends 12-30-2010. Its not the end of the world then is it?

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    Just think, when the rich folk come out of their shelters, us zombified mutants will eat their skin!
    Even the Mayans said the calendar isn't dangerous, it just resets back to the beginning. The hype is from radio talk show hosts who have to much time.

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    fire2box has it right on the money.. besides, mayans or not, geologists have been eyeing yellowstone very worriedly, ZNO theyre not scared yogi bears gonna steal their food *thats what tazers are for* under old faithfl, infact is a VERY high pressure water/ volcanic chamber, and theyre VER scared that if it goes off, we might just be FUCKED.
    THAT is a threat id believe, jjust think of the effect of krakatoa. and times it by 50.. nuff' said.

    point is, things can happen, the world isnt as stable as we think the fossil record has domonstrated that.

    so as such, we would be (bt i have prolly less than a 5th of what id need to survive in disaster ituations, as, in australia, where i am, pretty safe from earthquake activity, volcanos, even cyclones (being in colder regions) and too close to the coast to be reasonably affected by bushfires, i MIGHT be hit by major flooding, thats the only concievable disaster i could think of being hit by in any reasonable probability.

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