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Thread: First person tetris

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    Default First person tetris

    Try it out,

    First-Person Tetris

    Its really hard for me, I get dizzy quick.

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    it just told me it was suspended. But it sounded intresting.

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    Ok we are going to take Tetris and give it a trippie camera.

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    This only reminded me how much I loved the music for that game. Three tracks, 10+ years, and they're still so catchy! Especially tune 3.

    I had some pathetic attempts as I got used to the controls (enter for drop? come on) but I got used to it as soon as the nausea wore off.

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    This is great, but you do get dizzy kind of quickly! I wanna try playing it while on a centrifuge!

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    whow, it DOES make you dizzy O.O, I prefer the 1D tetris tho'... easy gameplay ^^

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    Ha ha - cool idea, but yeah - it makes me dizzy after a while!

    Has anyone played 2H4U? It's available with a lot of Linux distros, but the Windows version is here: 2H4U

    It's basically a cross between Breakout and Tetris. You get a minute or two of just Tetris... then you have to simultaneously drop the Tetris shapes into position, while knocking them out of the way with the Breakout ball. It's... INTENSE!

    Keys are WASD for Tetris and cursor left/right for Breakout...

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    Doesn't work for me - I can play it, but when I stack the tiles, they dont dissapear, and eventually fails.

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