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Thread: wearing a diaper to school

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    Default wearing a diaper to school

    Do any of you younger members (or even older ones i guess) wear a diaper to school? I always wanted to but i never wanted to even risk the risk of getting caught, but i would have loved to do it.

    If so arn't you worried you get found out or something?

    Also to save me from making a new thread for just a one post answer: Why do you have to over 16 to be a member on this site? if something like that ^ ever did happen you'd defiantly need some support.

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    I never have. Some others have before.

    I'm sure they are worried.

    And you have to be 13 or over, not over 16. And it's because it is possible for questionable material to be on this site, and it may not be suitable for children under 13 to see. It's a way to protect everyone from huge misunderstandings.

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    I have worn (and in fact am wearing) to school (but I am in university so I suppose it is a bit easier)

    it is not that hard, just wear loose clothing, pack a change, know where to find a place to change and (this is a biggie) Have a plan.

    don't just walk in not having any clue about what to do if _insert event here_. think about likely scenarios, and what to do about them

    besides everyone is COMPLETELY oblivious. they don't know what diaper bulge looks like, or what diaper crinkle sounds like.

    Above all don't panic (that is when you do really stupid things, and risk being exposed)

    this does not mean that you can be stupid. but I am merely trying to say that it is easier than most people think

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    Never did when I was in grade school...

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    I never wore a diaper in grade school but have worn at college. I still take a class or two each semester and wear goodnites every once in a while. I don't do full diapers because I have been taking photography classes and we are very active. The classes are usually over full and the space is cramped and people are always bumping into each other.

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    I've worn a few times in high school. Not a big deal at all. I always wear a sweatshirt over a tucked in tee shirt, so the chance of anyone seeing the waist band of it is next to nothing. The noise is hardly audible even to me, regardless of what type of diaper. I will say that I've never had to change at school, so I can't truly comment on that, but I'm sure it would get the adrenaline pumping more then just sitting in the same one all day.

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    I have done this before but it was in the one and only year i spent at a school where a uniform was required. This helped out a lot because the uniform was so heh "uniform" no one really payed attention to that area of my body because it was all relevant and therefore it was quite easy to get away with.

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    When I was younger and didn't nessecarily understand my fetish I was friends with some younger kids who i convinced to do the diaper thing with me.

    One of them would use baby diapers cause he could fit in them, and then I usually had goodnites. The one other kid had huggies pull-ups and I said he should wear one to school one day, so he did. He even wet the thing 3 times.

    I never personally had the courage to wear a diaper to school or work.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I never did in high school (although since I worked part time in a pharmacy, buying diapers for home use was no problem). I sometimes wore diapers to college. Since I had room mates in college, I didn't get to wear diapers very often.

    Of course, having a modest amount of incontinence (as a result of an injury more than a decade ago) I wear diapers 24/7. If I was not a DL, I could probably get by with a lesser product, such as a Depends Guard. But since I actually like wearing diapers, that's what I wear

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    I haven't, and won't. It would cause paranoia and uncomfort.

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