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Thread: ICE number

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    Default ICE number

    Nope, I'm not talking about Ice, or even the ICE train. I'm talking about ICE numbers. In Case of Emergency. A number you store (under that name) in your phone with a number of a relative or something similar. For me for instance I have my home phone number and my parents' mobile numbers under there

    To help you when something bad happens it's useful to have contact with a relative or someone else like that.

    So my question to all is, who has an ICE number in their phone/pda/ipod or maybe even in their wallet.

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    I have lots of ice on the road, I occasionally see an ICE train (when they're not broken or shut down again for lack of maintenance), but I have never heard of an ICE number. So I don't have one, and can't really vote on your poll since it's lacking the "Never heard of an ICE number"-option.
    However, if I'm unable to respond, it's not too hard for a police officer to pick up my cellphone that I usually have on me and flip through the contacts list to find people with the same last name.


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    I worded and labeled the contact list so it would be pretty obvious to the casual good samaritan which number(s) to try in which order.

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    I never needed one my phone has "mum" "mum work" "dad" "home" ect in it so it makes sence that anybody would try these numbers anyway. Plus in know that my dad always has his phone with him and it switched on for business stuff

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    I have one in my wallet.

    That is a good thing to have around, considering the illness issues I have had in the past.

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    Oh yes. My phone is pretty awesome in that regard.

    It has an ICE feature that allows me to select three phone numbers as my In Case of Emergency numbers. When I turn my phone on, it's locked with a passcode, but those three numbers can be called without it being unlocked.

    That way, if I become incapacitated, and someone finds me and my phone, they can call any of those three numbers without needing me to unlock it. It's very cool.

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    Yes, I have my home and parents mobile numbers and one of my flatmates numbers, all with the prefix ICE so that if anyone finds me they can get someone for me

    My phone doesn't have a lock on it, so that wouldn't be a problem, but I normally have some sort of ID on me anyway!

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    I guess, I have a phone that has a fav 5 circle and in that I have both my parents numbers in there.

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    Yep! I have contacts entries on my phone for "ICE Mum" and, because mum lives ~130 miles away from me, "ICE <name of housemate + best friend>".

    The biggest question is whether emergency personnel would be able to figure out how to access my contact list on a Windows Mobile phone

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